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Please note: Our service is mainly for German speaking school teachers, pupils and parents. We have not translated every page, only this frontpage, to give English speakers an idea of our services and intentions. Many of the external information sources we link to in our subject lists are in English however, so that our pages might be useful for you as well.

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IdeeThe idea

It is our idea to demonstrate on these pages the potential of the world wide web for learning and teaching. We want to exemplify that it is possible to bundle the efforts of spatially separated teachers, parents and pupils, and to bridge the gap between different types of subjects and schools by stimulating cooperations disregarding these conventional boundaries. For this purpose we collect contributions by colleagues, pupils and parents - mainly in the German speaking areas - and make them available in the web. You as a reader of our web site are asked to contribute actively. Add relevant URLs to our subject lists. You may first like to search for such resources in the internet. Advertise your ideas about the use of the internet in schools on our blackboard or even use our online authoring tool to add your free homepage to our site. By doing so you will be given a normal URL of your own and your contribution is automatically accessible from our database. Finally, you are invited to join our movement as a so-called "coordinator". As such you will collect contributions about a certain subject in your state (Bundesland) and organize it in the web according to your state's teaching plan. More detailed information about the 'Center of teaching materials in the internet' you find here (in German).

subject listsSubject Lists

You can add information to the lists below and hereby also advertise your email address and WWW homepage (if available). If you click on the abbreviations, you may find information sorted according to the teachings plans of the states. This service is 'in construction' and not yet complete. You can contribute your own lessons conventionally or by use of our authoring program.

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music Mu German D sports Sp
elementary school elementary technology T subjects connecting Fu

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