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jpm begann die Diskussion am 16.04.04 (17:36) mit folgendem Beitrag:

It's going on!

Wolfgang Fischer antwortete am 16.04.04 (23:04):

Willkommen in Europa!
I`ll think about your vision of one language. Will the world be better? That would be a nice and intersting work for pupils to try to find out if history develops diffrent in such a case.

jpm antwortete am 17.04.04 (07:34):

Thank you for opening the new forum with an exciting question about the way to improve our worldwide communication. Currently as we are facing so crucial problems like klimawarming and terrorism we have to reinforce all the skills who bring people together. So the language... That's just my opinion - of course - but I want to promote them! :-)))

jpm antwortete am 17.04.04 (08:44):

Who suffers under the fact, that English is the language who be spoken from the mighties? The non-mighties! If everybody on the world would speake English as mother-tongue it would be more difficult to the mighties to do their business without control! The poorest are not stupid (often they are more clever as the richs) but they often can't fight because they don't understand what mighties are saying!

Frauke antwortete am 17.04.04 (22:57):


Welcome back in Germany!
I just arrived in Passau and read all what happened when you were staying in New York. It`s really great what you achieved! The meetings, the interviews and the fotos!

jpm antwortete am 18.04.04 (09:16):

I enjoy your compliments! :-))

hsiuwen antwortete am 19.04.04 (10:58):

To JPM's words:'The poorest are not stupid (often they are more clever as the richs) but they often can't fight because they don't understand what mighties are saying!'
these words remind me of the political and burocratic languages. They are made difficult to understand so that the mighties/the burocrats could hold their power against us 'normal' people.
I think it'd be achievable if we all have our mother tongues and learn English as the first second language.

Ulrike antwortete am 21.04.04 (15:34):

Hallo everybody
i´d like to take part in your discussions as they are very interesting. but there´s just one little problem: who exactly are "mighters" ?

jpm antwortete am 21.04.04 (18:53):

I mean the mighty people: people who takes very important decisions concerning the life of many people.

hsiuwen antwortete am 22.04.04 (08:55):

welcome on board! We are very happy to have new members here who would like to discuss about world problems with us. So how do you think, is it a good solution that people in the world all learn English in order to communicate with each other?

jpm antwortete am 22.04.04 (09:35):

Starting point to all our reflections are texts by Turkish students (grammarschool) at the German School in Instanbul. Here the texts:


jpm antwortete am 22.04.04 (12:53):

You find the videofilm to the New York project when you click on following link:
In order to download the film, you need following software:


jpm antwortete am 22.04.04 (12:55):

The video shows the New Yorker students presenting their statements in front of my camera.

cko antwortete am 22.04.04 (15:54):

Great video!!! Very informative.
The guy on the street is my favourite.

jpm antwortete am 22.04.04 (15:58):

"The guy on the street"? There is no guy on the street. Perhaps you mean the shop-assistent?
I'm very glad about your reaction!

Jasmin antwortete am 22.04.04 (18:37):

Hello everybody!
I have just discovered the ldl-webside and I have to tell you that I am really taken with certain ideas represented here, as for instance the world improvement project. We all know that there is a lot of injustice in the whole world that is not easy to combat. However, I am convinced that we have to talk about it, first of all in order to realize that there do exist misery and crime, furthermore, to look for its causes and finally to try to find some ways to contain the evil. If everybody thinks that he can´t do anything on his own and expects the others to act, nothing will be done in the end and the situation will aggravate more and more. The WIP project (the work of the Turkish students as well as the video)made at least some students ruminate problems in nowaday society.

jpm antwortete am 22.04.04 (19:53):

Thank your, Jasmin! You are encouraging us highly! I'm very glad, that you are willing to reflect with us about the problems we have to face. Up to now you are the second person joining us from "outside" (with "Ulrike")! Welcome!

shiuwen antwortete am 23.04.04 (08:31):

wow I am truly impressed by the video! I am so happy to see 'my people' in the video haha. The image is very clear. Great statements too!
by the way: where can we find the video of the interviews in IN-TV? Is it already online? I am very curious about it as well!

Ulrich Agricla antwortete am 23.04.04 (08:57):

@ all

I´ve got the video of in-tv on cassette - I just need some more technical equipment to get it digital.

Some patience, please ...

jpm antwortete am 23.04.04 (10:42):

Dear Dr.Agricola, the more I think about the New-York-project, the more I want to use it optimal. Your video about the interviews is great, and you could achieve a CD with following contents:
1. Diary
2. IN-TV-Video + article Neuburger Rundschau
3. Paper Turkish students
4. New York Video
Perhaps we could sell this CD during the "Europa-Fest" in Eichstätt (my aim is that we perform a big, big "Fest" in order to make possible that the students presents their wow-projects; and I think, the students-projects are very impressive)!

Ulrich Agricola antwortete am 23.04.04 (11:16):

@ jpm

How much time do we have?

jpm antwortete am 23.04.04 (11:22):

In which respect?

cko antwortete am 23.04.04 (13:20):

yes, of course. I meant the shop clerk. :-) he is so (stereo)-typically american. :-)

jpm antwortete am 23.04.04 (19:40):

Could you please tell me the email-adress from Phil? I want to inform him that he can see his contribution on the video. But I don't know his email-adress...

jpm antwortete am 23.04.04 (20:29):

I think it would be great if you had the chance to show the videos in your class and let reflect your students about the New York Student statements. It will be great too, if your students write an answer to this statements, so I send the texts to Dr.Delawter. Of course we can't perpetuate this process endless, but if the New York students could get an answer to their statements, it would be a gratification for their work. So your students have produced text and get answer, and the New York Students have produce statements and get answer...
Is it possible?

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 24.04.04 (10:13):

Thanks for keeping in touch. Great idea! I had intended to show the video, anyway - and I had also planned to have the students comment it. This would be a good round-up of the project - unless more students from different countries should get involved, too - which is probably not very realistic right now. I do have some technical problems, however. The download of the video takes very long (I have a very slow connection and haven't been able to see it myself yet) - so I will try again at school.
I would be very interested in the CD that Dr. Agricola might put together. I would appreciate it very much if you could send me a copy to the school address :-))

jpm antwortete am 24.04.04 (10:40):

Currently Dr.Agricola is achieving a vhs-version from the New York Video, so I hope you will get them next week. But if it were possible for you to show the statements and let answer the students earlier, it would be better for the project (so the New York students don't forget our actions till they get the answer from Istanbul - speed is important in order to motivate the participants). Concerning the integration from other partners, I think it would possible to integrate Japan students after the Istanbul-New York feature is round-up: I send the CD to a colleague in Japan and he can let his students work about the whole contents and send us the resulting statements, and so on...

Claudia antwortete am 24.04.04 (17:07):

I read the articles in the wip-forum and it was very interesting. But during the whole time i asked myself, why only turkish students participated in the project? Do they have to fight with more problems like misery, injustice and crime than the german students? Do the germans have too much comfort for participating in such a project?

jpm antwortete am 24.04.04 (20:05):

Your question is my question too, and your answer is my answer too. I think, Turkish people have currently more problem to face as we have.
But I think there are more reasons for the fact, that just Turkish students participate: for example the fact, that their German teacher was very involved in that project and very committed.

jpm antwortete am 25.04.04 (08:00):

The more I'm thinking about our beautyful project, the more I will expand the communication to Asian (Taiwan because of you) and India. What motivated me is my regularly Newsweek reading: Newsweek stresses out positive but realistic the chances offered by the new technologies regarding the future. As you know, I'm persuaded that we all have to communicate much, much, much more world wide in order to exploit the new possibilities and face the new problems. My experience with the Turkish students, with your Taiwan friends and with the students in the Pace University shows me, that due to the globalisation we now are able to meet everywhere people thinking exactly like ourselve (positive and constructive, ready to hard-working), and that this people identify the same problems and aims as we do. So I felt very very well with Phil, with his friend and with Walter, with Dr.Dalawter and her students, and I felt well reading the Turkish students texts.
Of course, even if I have to pay the fares myself, the journeys are a big motivation for me too! ;-) In addition it is for me a big pleasure to improve my English! But this pleasures don't make my target worser, do they?
Anyway: my next step should be traveling to Taiwan and discussing the Turkish student texts + the New York students statements with Taiwan students. My trip could take place during the whitsun holiday. Are this targets realistic? Do you know somebody in Taiwan who is able to help me?

jpm antwortete am 25.04.04 (08:38):

I just looked at the flight-prices to Taipei. I think, I have to chose an other target! ;-)

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 25.04.04 (11:38):

If Turkish people have more problems than Germans than why do people in Germany complain so much? From what I gather from the news and friends there, Germany is right now in a deep depression - everybody feels so bad about everything.

Johanna antwortete am 26.04.04 (10:22):

I would say that the problems of German people face another direction than those of the Turkish. Turkey is about to develop its own interests. -Germany ist about to decrease its economic influence in Europe for we have such a bad economic stability.

hsiuwen antwortete am 26.04.04 (10:38):

Phil's Email is:

hsiuwen antwortete am 26.04.04 (10:46):

wow I'm really impressed by your courage to plan to fly to Taiwan. The ticket costs about 600 Euro and it will be more expensive in the summertime (August, September). I could be your contact person if you want, but unfortunately you have to wait till February next year when I fly back home. We could just fly together. Is that OK for you or is it too late?
I can contact my schools and my university in Taiwan. Maybe we could have discussions with the students who study foreign languages (what I have studied in Taiwan) in my university. It's also a good chance for them to use English.
We could also go to the school where I have been to. It'd be very interesting and exciting if we could really fly to Asia and have discussions with the young Asians!

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 26.04.04 (11:00):


My class of Turkish students and I will be watching your film on Wednesday. (I have got a lot of technical support from a colleague of mine - another colleague has seen the film already and was impressed!) We will then respond to the contributions of the people you talked to. I suggest that we use this forum for our contributions again. I have planned to do this on Friday, April 30. Maybe you can contact the American students and their teacher and inform them about this, so they can join in any time if they want to. I know that they are probably busy with other topics, but they should know that they are welcome to discuss the WIP project further on this forum with my students (and any other people interested :-))

Claudia antwortete am 26.04.04 (12:17):

@Jochen Reischle
i think that complaining is a typical german behaviour! it is a part of their life in the same way they wake up every morning! All the time they see only the negative aspects in the world, so that the most of the germans aren't able to enjoy life. In contrast to our pessimiste attitude, the people from the south of Europe show us a more simply and a more optimistic way of life!

hsiuwen antwortete am 26.04.04 (13:22):

yes I also agree with you. I am a student from Taiwan who studies in Germany. I have observed that Germans do complain a lot. When I am for example with some of my german friends, I feel so bored because every time they critisize someone or something and I have to listen to their complaints so often. Compared with Asians are Germans generally a little bit 'spoiled' from their wealthy environment. They usually critisize at first and forget to look back at themselves before that.

jpm antwortete am 26.04.04 (20:52):

Phil's Email is:
- Thank you very much. I'll send him a mail concerning the videos.
"(...) February next year when I fly back home. We could just fly together. Is that OK for you or is it too late?"
- I have to think deeply about my next steps. At the moment I didn't have take a concrete decision.
"It'd be very interesting and exciting if we could really fly to Asia and have discussions with the young Asians!"
- That's my opinion too. But perhaps I can find a teacher in Asian willing to discuss our topics with his students and film their statements. We have to reflect very exactly about that steps.
@Jochen Reischle
"My class of Turkish students and I will be watching your film on Wednesday. (I have got a lot of technical support from a colleague of mine - another colleague has seen the film already and was impressed!) We will then respond to the contributions of the people you talked to. I suggest that we use this forum for our contributions again. I have planned to do this on Friday, April 30. Maybe you can contact the American students and their teacher and inform them about this, so they can join in any time if they want to. I know that they are probably busy with other topics, but they should know that they are welcome to discuss the WIP project further on this forum with my students (and any other people interested :-))"
- That your students do this work is outstanding . I have send a copy from your text to Dr.Delawter. But, as I know the situation there, I think it will be too difficult to her to bring her students on the forum. But who knows...?

jpm antwortete am 27.04.04 (06:53):

@all together
On the one hand Kathryn DeLawter has little problems with contribution-posting in our NY-forum, in the other hand the informations she sends me are very, very important for our project. So I allow me loading her mails without asking her. I hope, she will pardon me:
"Hello Jean-Pol, I am in my office getting a mailing out. But, I just listened to the voices of New York! I'll have to ask someone who knows more about computers than I do to see if I can download the video. I am supposed to get a new computer tomorrow so that ought also to make a big difference in the capability of the machine. Then, I will have to catch up to the machine! The New York, New York music was great and brought a smile to my face. Also, listening to the Columbia University students was clear and important. The range of my students was interesting, from Brian who is concerned with the price of gasoline in the United States to those who talked about not repeating cycles of violence and other issues of hunger and homelessness."
And the next mail:
"Jean-Pol, I'll inform my students tomorrow night in class. Kathryn"

I'm really delighted!!!

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 27.04.04 (08:44):

Great response from New York. This might develop even further than we hoped. I am very optimistic.

jpm antwortete am 27.04.04 (09:06):

Absolutely! I never thought that K.Delawter would have time to participate. She is very committed, but busy! But it's possible that due our project she now see the big potentials from the internet-communication!

Sabine antwortete am 27.04.04 (10:31):

interesting project!

Ulrike antwortete am 27.04.04 (12:11):

as i have been askec how i think that people can learn english in order to communicate i´ve thought a lot about it. not at least because i´m going to be one of those who are teaching english.
well, i think that the most important aspect is the regularly use of the language. when i think back to when i was in school, i can say that the main parts of our lessons where texts and their analysis. we often could answer questions by writing them down in our exercise books. discussions and other ways of talking with each other were very rare. and that is something completely wrong (in my opinion)! i think that pupils as well as students should be encouraged to use the foreign language as it is the only way to assure improvements in language use. the older people get, the more they are "afraid" of speaking in another language if they did not do in earlier times. i think that everybody can say something in a foreign language- as far as it is something they know, e.g. a pupil should rather say something about his/her hobbies ( when he/she likes horses, is in sports club, has taken part in a foreign exchange, etc.) instead of playing any dialogs where he/she "is" a person who doesn´t even exist in reality ( that´s the way i was taught english).

jpm antwortete am 27.04.04 (14:34):

Just a little remark: the main target of our project is not learning English but communicate and bring young people world wide to communicate about our common problems. What are the problems, wich solutions could we offer?

hsiuwen antwortete am 27.04.04 (16:30):

ok you can consider about it. It's not a bad idea if you caould visit Taiwan and Japan and China. They are neighbors : )

hsiuwen antwortete am 28.04.04 (17:25):

quoted from 'Guardian Weekly' April 22-28 2004:
respecting human rights- civil,cultural, economic, social and political- is 'key to tackling the underlying causes of terrorism and global instability', says the Institute of Public Policy Research.
I agree!

jpm antwortete am 28.04.04 (18:16):

Me too!

hsiuwen antwortete am 29.04.04 (15:58):

the problem of learning English through dialoges that you've mentioned is also discussed and reflected by Mr. Hans Hunfeld at our university Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. His book 'Die Normalität des Fremden' is very interesting. I'd recommend it!

jpm antwortete am 30.04.04 (11:49):

"We will then respond to the contributions of the people you talked to. I suggest that we use this forum for our contributions again. I have planned to do this on Friday, April 30"
- Did you encounter some obstacles?

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 30.04.04 (18:02):


Yes, we did. I was ill for a couple of days, so we weren't able to watch the film as we had intended to. We finally managed to see the film today during one lesson, but the quality of the sound was very discouraging, so we hardly understood anything. The film got a round of applause nevertheless!! I talked to my colleague and he will try to record just the sound. So we will give it another try next week. We might have to make a transcript of some of the contributions (which will be a good exercise, by the way). There is an exam coming up next week Friday (and my students need some extra preparation for that) so at the moment, unfortunately, I cannot be more precise. Maybe next week, but certainly the week after we will contribute again.

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 30.04.04 (18:07):

@Kathryn & Carol in NY
We had intended to respond to your great contributions on the tape today, Friday 30. Unfortunately I fell ill and wasn't at school for a couple of days. So my students didn't have a chance to see the film as planned. We finally saw it today, but had problems with the sound. We will try to improve that and get back to the forum as soon as possible. Please be patient with us. And thanks again for taking part in this project. Many regards from my Turkish students, as well.

jpm antwortete am 30.04.04 (18:34):

Don't worry... In such a project a lot of obstacles may occure. I'll try to send you a video, but don't bank too much on it... I hope your colleague will help you as well...
I think Kathryn and here students will wait... Many regards for your committment!

jpm antwortete am 01.05.04 (08:06):

@All together
I'm absolutely convinced that the direction we are going is the good one. We have to bring young people to communicate. That way young people be aware that they have world wide the same needs and minds (no clash of civilizations!) and they be aware that we all have to face the same problems world wide. They also be aware that the most of young people propose similar solutions to our problems. Our little Istanbul-New York-Istanbul project demonstrate that there is no difference between the Taiwan students, the Pace University students and the Istanbul students. We have to set up structures and habits in order to promote the communication between them!
The problem is, that people are not accustomed to communicate permanent and quick. There are basically two reasons for it:
- The first reason is, that the technical problems are still big. If it's difficult for somebody to connect the internet permanently (say: to call for his mails daily), he is not able to communicate quick and intensively. I'm persuaded that in a near future it will be possible to connect internet via phone cell from every place in the world (it is already possible, but not really comfortable and very expensive). When it will be possible to connect internet from every place, the communication will extremely increase!
- The second reason results from the first one: as it is still technical difficult to communicate quick and intensively via internet, people are not accustomed and offer resistance if they have to use internetcommunication like I think it is necessary. In my course "Internet and project-competence" we have to force students to call for her mails dayly and to communicate regularly. They don't want to do that.
Regarding our outstanding Istanbul-NY-Istanbul-NY project, if the technical problems hadn't be so big, we had just need three weeks carrying out the project and in addition we had integrate a lot of young people more (for instance the Bulgarian ones). I don't say that the project is not sucessful, I just say that it will be more successful when the technical problems are solve. And they will be solve in the near future. For instance Kathryn says that she gets a new computer now!
My idea is to stick to our I-NY-I-NY project, because I think that much potential is still in.

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 05.05.04 (12:43):

right now we are working on the statements of the American students; we will probably respond on this forum next week at the latest

jpm antwortete am 05.05.04 (12:51):

Very good news! How did you solve the technical problems (difficulty to understand the American statements?)

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 11.05.04 (11:37):

I had help from our computer expert, Uwe Richter, a colleague of mine. The class was then quite able to understand some of the main aspects of the answers. To enable them to understand everything I did a transcript of the statements (with additional help from my American colleague, Kelly Köhle!). My class will listen to the statements again today comparing what they have understood (which was a lot) with the transcript. This will make them really proud of their listening competence. :-)

jpm antwortete am 11.05.04 (17:16):

I'm highly glad about our beautyful project. When the statements from your students are on the forum, we will make a CD with a) Istanbul-statements 1, b) New York answers and c) Istanbul-statements 2.

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 13.05.04 (22:32):

I'm in the middle of the oral Abitur exams this and next week (preparations and exams) so I couldn't spend as much time on the project as I wanted; however, my students have written statements that we will go over together tomorrow - just to let you know we are still working on it.

jpm antwortete am 14.05.04 (04:57):

No problem! I'm glad that you are still working on the project! Greetings!

jpm antwortete am 15.05.04 (08:20):

@All readers (just for information!)
"*The IPK-enterprise (enterprise=Unternehmen, =Vorhaben)*
My strategy since 1987, as I began to promote the LdL-method and build a contact-net with colleagues, ever was to help students (or colleagues) developing outstanding competences and keep contact with this colleagues and students as long as possible. Of course the idea is to build a bright competence-resource-pool, but not just skills, of course emotions too! ;-)
That way I have worked very intensively for instance with my colleague Renate Gegner for 17 years up to now. Not just my colleague Renate Gegner, but also Rolf-Dieter Preller, Ulli Hertel-Schönberg, Roland Graef and so on...
Concerning my former students at Willibald-Gymnasium (grammar-school) I have work very intensively for instance with Astrid Spies for 12 years up to now. As I met her she was 14 years old and student at Willibald-Gymnasium. Then she was teacher-student at Eichstätt-University and help me developing the IPK. Now she is 26 years old, she's teacher and keep close contact to me.
I try to achieve the same target with students at the university. Susanne Felbinger for instance has help me developing the IPK together with Astrid Spies for 4 years up to now. Isabelle LeBourhis, Michael Kratky have work very intensively for three years up to now. Since two years a new group (I just say two names: Franziska Baum and Sonja Becker, but they are 12 people) ist very active and committed.
Now in Passau four people are outstanding committed and achieving outstanding skills. The same is to say about Munich and Augsburg.
As I have carry out much LdL-teacher-trainings for 24 years up to now (about 450 trainings) I met a lot of colleagues. So I could interest some of them for my work and build a online-community with 1000 colleagues who get my contact-mails bimonthly. On my teacher-training-tours I was invited at the German-School in Istanbul three years ago and met Jochen Reischle, a very committed colleague. Since our meeting in Istanbul he was following my activities and cooperate very intensively in order to achieve the New-York-Istanbul- World-Imporvement-Project!
Concerning the school the ministery gave me the chance training teachers in the LdL-method at Modell-Schools in Bavarian. So I could meet Barbara Brehm and Wolfgang Fischer, two outstanding committed and skilled teachers.
I think we should bring all that outstanding people in Eichstätt, at the Europa-Plus-Fest (3.July) together!"

Cansu KARAYAZI & Ege BAKI antwortete am 21.05.04 (07:23):

@Mary Lidberg

Do you think it is a solution to have local restaurants give food to people who cannot afford to buy it? I think it is a good idea just for cities. But think about poor regions in Africa: it might be hard to think of a restaurant in Africa which can give left-overs to hungry people. We should think of solutions that can be tried all over the world. For example: People all over the world can pay each $5 more for their telephone bills. Each month this extra money can be spent to buy food for the hungry people in Africa and/or in every country.


candan antwortete am 21.05.04 (07:36):

@jpm and all the students
First of all I am pleased that some students from Pace University responded to us with their ideas, but I think the problems we talk about are international problems that means the possible solutions that you recommended could also be done in your country.For example, homelessness can be seen around the world but especially in the United States because it is a large country.My solution depends on the organizations that can help homeless people with the help of sensitive people, but to solve this problem from the core I think education is the main solution, so I agree with Jacky Mormack.With the help of education the students learn more about the life and also how hard it is.The teenagers who run from their houses are mostly uneducated people.So educated people know more about the life and try to be a part of the community. Thanks a lot for your interest on our project. (candan)

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 21.05.04 (07:38):

Class 10b from the German School Istanbul is back on the forum today. Cansu and Ege have started today's discussion in response to the statements given by the American students. We welcome your contributions and are still optimistic that other people will join this discussion. Sunny greetings from Istanbul.

Elif antwortete am 21.05.04 (07:38):

@jpm and all the students

Dear Meredith and Nancy,
hunger is a big problem in the world. Lots of people especially children die from hunger every day. So what can we do to help these people? First of all, we can organize a campaign
to make people aware of this problem because if people don´t know anything about it, they can`t help.
Secondly, we can ask organisations for help. Schools, restaurants, hospitals and government can provide food for homeless people.All we need is to support each other. In addition to that big newspaper companies should also join us and every day they should feed a certain amount of people. Also on television special programms can be organized to supply money for homeless people. In conclusion, if everybody tries to help one person there won`t be any hunger in the world. (elif)

onur&emil antwortete am 21.05.04 (07:46):

My opinion about natural resources:
I think we cannot do many things to solve your problem in New York. But I agree with you and I think our government should decrease the price of oil, too.(it is more expensive than in New York;1Lt. Oil= 1.3$)
My opinion about the hunger problem:
It is a good idea to collect food from restaurants for hungary people .But it seems a bit difficult. And its not a real solution so we have to make something for good such as finding jobs for these people and make sure that they can have enough money to live.
My opinion about terrorism:
I totally agree with you and one further point I find important is to bust and punish the people who support terrorism as I have said before.

Hunger is a big problem for our world. People can collect money and buy foods for hungry people and also people can start civil organisations against hunger.

Homelessness is a big problem for poor countries because people make many children and some parents leave their chidren on the streets because of poverty. The main solution for homelessness is education. When people are educated, this problem will decrease.

Terrorism became the most terrifying thing for people. I think we must not be afraid of terrorism because when we are afraid, then the terrorists will reach their aim; and we must fight together against terrorism.

Our common opinion about education: We think that school can be a good solution for education when schools have closer relationship with students and also with their parents. Schools can invite experts and events conferances to give information about homelessness or other public problems.

Koray Can antwortete am 21.05.04 (07:48):

I think that we have to change the subject a little bit.For example you can ask us about our problems and we can tell you about those and you they give your ideas to us.Finally we can compare our problems and in my opinion it”s good to know problems of people from other counteries and from other cultures.


koray kose and umut emre antwortete am 21.05.04 (07:56):

@jpm and all the students

I want to talk about natural resources.In video(Brian Hale) you have replied our questions and talked about decrease of natural resources which has effect your life in New York. I think in our next step we can talk about decrase of natural resources all around the world and what people and goverments do to solve these problems.

As I said decrease of natural resources all around the world is a big threat for humankind and it isn’t easy to fight these problems because these problems have different contexts.For example, African people need water and other countries need oil. We must find alternative resources for oil and new ways to produce water (destillation) or transport clean water to African people.
Koray Köse

So Janet, you said that increase of security is the only solution to this problem. If a man wants to bomb somewhere, you can’t stop him. Instead we can try to figure out what causes terrorism and why. These people cannot express themselves in political manners that’s why they are trying to solve their problems with violence. What do you think about your governments policies.I don’t think invading Iraq helped anything. It just made things worse. I think it was a trigger for the people who hate america. It gave them a reason to attack. And because of media now everyone hates america and thinks citizens of Iraq or Afghanistan
The ones you call terrorist are doing the right thing by attacking american soldiers.

Umut Emre

mert and gökhan antwortete am 21.05.04 (07:56):

Firstly, we want to say that we are happy that you are interested in our topics and help us. We are so happy because we do something for our world. Because of your help we will improve our world and we will solve all problems: ) That is an exciting action. We will reach our aims with the help of our teachers and your help.

Dear Brian Hale,
We agree with your comments. Natural resources are a very important problem but I’ve solved this problem. I’m working with a car which is going without gas…………………. Of course I’m just kidding. Don’t get me wrong.We must making fun between us because “world improving project” is a very complicated issue and this is necessary.I think we can reduce unconscious gas using with education and reducing the cars.

Dear Mary Lidberg,
This was not our topic because we have not done any research about this topic.We are sorry.

Dear Jacky Mormag,
Naturally the key to this problem is education. Even we have a commercial that says ‘Education is necessary’. We have to get pregnancies under control and this will be with education.

So all in all I believe that this project is necessary.It will be better wenn you speak clearly in video and sometimes it is hard to understand.We will speak with source persons.

We are sorry that we could not reply to all of your comments.Because we are busy with the final exams.
Thanks for your helps.

Gökhan and Mert

Ceren Tarhanli antwortete am 21.05.04 (08:00):

@jpm and all the students

Hi, I am Ceren from the German school in Istanbul.
I want to talk to you about hunger .
I think like you, too. First of all people who have the means to give food to hungry people must do that!
Secondly education is the most important thing to protect people from hunger .
Because when people are educated they will get some idea about birth control and they will not have unwanted pregnancies.
But we shouldn’t forget that this solution is enough only for the cities because there are places with restaurants which don’t have enough food to give hungry people.Africa is an example for these places.To solve this problem TV channel can organize campaigns in order to collect money for hungry people.
Ceren Tarhanli

Koray saracoglu antwortete am 21.05.04 (08:04):

We have to be more sensitive about the problems. Firstly , we should educate people but it is not the school education I mean; family education is what we need.Because family education is the most important think in peoples life.Families should show us how to behave to other people. It will improve our relationships between the world.

Eren kirali antwortete am 21.05.04 (08:05):

I think your thoughts are right. Homelessness is the biggest urban problem and education is the key to this problem. We must educate people to stop this. Homelessness leads people to things like crime and shoplifting. Education is a must. But I don’t mean school. I mean that it has to be more practical . I mean by “more practical” the education people always need . For example; people must learn to respect to other people .

jpm antwortete am 21.05.04 (19:43):

@Turkish students
Thank you very much for the texts. I have packetize them in one page and will comment them as soon as possible! Here the page with your statements:


jpm antwortete am 23.05.04 (16:17):

"our government should decrease the price of oil"
I don't understand how decreasing the price of oil is a solution to save our resources. The cheaper the oil, the more people consume it (isn't it?). I think we should increase the price of oil in order to force car-industry to constructing cars consuming less oil...

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 30.05.04 (10:46):

jpm: thank you for responding. But is this the end of this forum? My students and I are still waiting for more responses. Where did all the people go that once took part?

jpm antwortete am 30.05.04 (20:01):

I understand that you are a little bit disapointed, but I can't force people to participate...
I will ask Dr.Agricola to make a sort of package with
- the initial mail
- the first description of world-problems and the solutions proposed by your students
- the answers by the New York students (video)
- the answers by your students
Then I will send a posting to the online-community (about 1000 people) in order to draw their attention to the project and hope, that somebody will write some statements on the forum answering to your students. But I have to wait untill the whitsuntide holiday is over.

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 30.05.04 (20:16):

That's very kind of you. I wasn't expressing my own disappointment but rather that of my students. I have contacted my American colleague in Bulgaria again. Maybe you could do the same with the American students. If they have a look at the contributions, they might want to respond again - if they find time. I don't expect too much from the online-community as nobody responded when you contacted them last time. But maybe with the summer holidays approaching, some teachers might want to get involved as part of a project week in their schools. Don't worry if we get no responses, however. My students enjoyed taking part and found the correspondence with you and the people involved very stimulating (aside from the media and language competence they gained :-))

jpm antwortete am 30.05.04 (21:21):

"Maybe you could do the same with the American students. If they have a look at the contributions, they might want to respond again - if they find time."
- I have told Kathryn (Pace University) that your students had answered. I don't want to insist too much. I think that we have proved that such a project is working. Of course I will carry our project forward, but I'm even satisfied currently. Regarding the online-community, perhaps my next posting will be successful! The most important thing is that your students enjoyed the project!

jpm antwortete am 31.05.04 (07:22):

Here the Turkish-students-texts:


Jochen Reischle antwortete am 10.06.04 (20:45):

@my students:
Tomorrow is our last English lesson. I was hoping we could spend it on the forum discussing the project one last time. Unfortunately, there has not been any further response other than from jpm (thanks :-) to your last contributions. Nevertheless I am convinced that the project was worth doing and I think that you have been very successful. You have come a long way this year and improved greatly. I am proud of you. Thanks to jpm for initiating the project and thanks to you for being so motivated and brave when taking part in it. We are saying good-bye to jpm and the project (for now at least). Dear 10B: please feel free to visit the forums any time during the next years. It can be a very good way of communicating. Your English teacher.

jpm antwortete am 11.06.04 (05:59):

@J.Reischle and his students
I thank you very much for your committment during this pilot-project. That way I could test wether the WIP-idea is working. And it is!
Of course I'm very motivated to start a project like this again. I just have to prepare it better. Above all, we have to wait a little until people (say teachers) understand our idea and are more able to communicate and to motivate their students. I think this time will come soon, because the technology - especially regarding wireless devices - is making racy progress.
This project with you was - from my point of vue - great!!!

dani antwortete am 20.07.04 (17:56):

From tomorrow on I´ll be taking part in the discussion with my students from 10th grade, Gymnasium, Altdorf -Germany.

jpm antwortete am 20.07.04 (18:02):

That's a very good idea. How did you find that forum? (I have to apologize, because my English is a pity). Tomorrow I'm meeting my students from the university and ask them if they want to communicate about the New York topic too...

jpm antwortete am 21.07.04 (15:23):

Unfortunately today we had to deal with an other topic, so the students could read the texts on that board. It was the last course and the students now are gone. Perhaps we can take up this project after the holidays (in September) again.

dani antwortete am 21.07.04 (18:21):

here is dani again. jpm, I was at your lecture the other day in Augsburg, remember?
Well, some of my students dealt with some of the global problems reading what the original topics and trying to give their own opinions and answers to the questions stated. Unfortunately not all of them took the task very seriously. I will just publish some of what they did and allow them to go online themselves next time to write directly here into the forum. We´ll see how this works.

4. Diseases
cansu, ceren, deniz, elif, pelin 26.03.04 (07:34):
Problem: As you know, lots of people today suffer from aids, sars, frengy, hepatit-c; and many people get ill because of poverty. and they usually die.. Here are some questions:
* How can we inform individuals and families about these diseases?
* It is possible to avoid free sex? or How can teenagers be informed about the danger they are facing?
* Is it a good idea starting campaigns to avoid the spread of these diseaes?
* Should the ill people put in quarantine? What kind of therapy could be given?
*To help the parents support their children, what kind of information and conferences should be given?

* How can we inform individuals and families about these diseases?
Information given to people in: school, television, education from parents to children, church, flyer, information events, at the doctor´ s, the media, …
* It is possible to avoid free sex? or How can teenagers be informed about the danger they are facing?
Unfortunately it is not possible to avoid free sex because it is based in the responsibility of every single person or teenager so that everyone has got to make his/her own decision and so there will always be persons who don´ t care about the danger of free sex.
Information: In school, media, education, church, flyer, television, at the doctor´ s, …
* Is it a good idea starting campaigns to avoid the spread of these diseaes?

Of course it is a good idea because people get information about the danger of the diseases by those campaigns.
* Should the ill people put in quarantine? What kind of therapy could be given?
Depends on what kind of disease it is. But if the disease can´ t spread by simple contact to other people this would be an inhuman action because it brakes the law (human rights).
* It is possible to avoid free sex? Or how can teenagers be informed about the danger they are facing?
Probably nobody is really able to avoid free sex, because it is not our destiny to tell people what to do and to rule over them, but it is necessary to talk about this problem and to inform people exactly about what they are doing and what consequences it has. So the only possibility to help them is not to make more laws or to obey them what to do but to inform them and to take it as a moral problem of the whole society.

2. Hunger
Gokhan Ozvardar; Mehmet Yildirim 26.03.04 (07:23):
Problem: Hunger!
Reasons: Many people, also children, are dying because of sarvation. Lots of people in the world are unemployed or they can't produce food themselves. So they'll get hunger. The children can't be fed. The biggest hunger problem is in Africa. Because they haven't got place for farming and for the production of food.
Solutions: But we can help hungry people. There are lots of associations and provate people who help starving people. For example there's a internet site, ( when a person clicks on a banner, which is on this internet site, they'll give food to starving people, they'll help them. I think we can send money to these associations and click on this banner. And we have some
1)Have you got another solutions for hungers?
2)How can we collect mony to send to these associatons?
We think it’s good to spend some money on associations which care of hunger in the world. But it’s not always for sure, if this associations bring the money to the people who need it.

5. Terrorism
onur özbalci 26.03.04 (07:35):
Problem: As you know ,in recent years terrorism has caused too much pain in the world.Especially the terrorist attacks on 11 September in New York and the attacks the previous week make sure that all people got to know terrorism.So terrorism has indeed started to disturb people.Up to now there has not been any rational solution for terrorism.But we hope we could at least inform people about terrorism.
Reasons: The basic reasons that cause terrorism are generally thought as education and economic problems.But it will easily be realised that many strong people support terrorism in order to be more stronger if you look at the huge changes on stockmarket.
Solutions: So first of all these men should be found and sent to prison.
Question: A question to the students in New York (or in other countries) is their opinion about the background of terrorism.
Answer: We are german students and our opinion is that terrorism is caused by religious and other ideological attitudes. Often terrorists are encouraged by their education and the f** leader of their country. These leaders like Osama Bin Laden make their victims do horrible things in the faith that they will come to paradise. We really do think that the behaviour of George Bush pushes the violent reaction of these kind of religious leaders or dictators. You can’t defeat terrorism with acting the same way. (like we all were able to see on these prison pictures from Iraque.)

Hopefully,more is still to come.

Caro and Carina antwortete am 23.07.04 (10:58):

Hi everybody.
We are two pupils from dani´s english class.
We think that this discussion is very interesting although in our opinion we can´t solve all these problems alone.

Probably it´s the duty of all human being to fight against discrimination, terrorism, unequality between different social groups, diseases and so on...
But as long as not a majority of people will take this serious, there is no chance of improving these problems.

Bye for now, xxx
C., C.

at antwortete am 23.07.04 (11:03):

Hi everybody!
We're in danis english class.
We think that it's very important that people discuss about this topic because when noone cares about it there will be soon more problems like this one.

Caro and Carina antwortete am 23.07.04 (11:04):

Hi everybody.
We are two pupils from dani´s english class.
We think that this discussion is very interesting although in our opinion we can´t solve all these problems alone.

Probably it´s the duty of all human being to fight against discrimination, terrorism, unequality between different social groups, diseases and so on...
But as long as not a majority of people will take this serious, there is no chance of improving these problems.

Bye for now, xxx
C., C.

isabel, nina and martina from germany antwortete am 23.07.04 (11:07):

hello, we´re from daniela´s 10th grade class. and we really think something like this discussionforum is a good idea because everybody has to built his own opinion and it´s good to be able to share all of them with teenagers or young people from other countries. if we all do something against global problems there will some day be a solution.

at antwortete am 23.07.04 (11:07):

Hi everybody!
We're in danis english class.
We think that it's very important that people discuss about this topic because when noone cares about it there will be soon more problems like this one.

Leibniz Gymnasium Schüler antwortete am 23.07.04 (11:07):

Well we live in Nuremberg, the city, where all the Nazis of Germany come to, to visit the buildings of the history. So we all have the opinion, or mostly all people of our class, that these people have a very big problem! We in our city have a lot of Skinheads, too.
Discrimination means in our way, that these people have predjudices against foreign people, who are people like their own.
Because of the racism build up almost more wars or fights in all the world.
So all the world should do anything possible to stop it

at antwortete am 23.07.04 (11:09):

Hi everybody!
We're in danis english class.
We think that it's very important that people discuss about this topic because when noone cares about it there will be soon more problems like this one.

Sharon antwortete am 23.07.04 (11:12):

I think it´s not very realistic if 16 year old pupils discuss about these problems. They can talk about it but not do anything against it!
and why it´s interesting for you? in about seventy years you all will be lying under the earth and then it´s not your problem anymore. and if I were you I also wouldn´t give birth to children ´cause there are enough yet who don´t have food and houses, no parents, no school ect.
so I also wouldn´t be sad if people are dying ´cause there are really enough of them destroying nature and it would be much better for the world if there were more less of them!!!!!!!!!!!so have fun, enjoy your lifes, live your dreams and just don´t care!!!!!!!!!!

jpm antwortete am 23.07.04 (15:48):

As I started this experiment I thought it could be interesting to find which problems young people worldwide think to be especially urging. And it was surprising to see, that Turkish students and New Yorkers are identifying the same Problems and proponing similary solutions. So the problems are unifying us: all over the world people are facing the same problems and trying to find common solutions. So people who had differents values in the past will unify and share the same values in the future: for instance trying to save the world-ressources and share them more equaly.

Dani antwortete am 27.07.04 (10:46):

Just to clarify: the answer from 23.7. 10.51 was not written by the teacher DANI but some other Dani.

jpm antwortete am 27.07.04 (11:08):

@Dani (the teacher)
Don't worry. Peopel using very often the internetforen know that from time to time naive users are misunderstanding the function of communicationboards. It doesn't matter... When I'm back in Germany I will delay the contribution from the false dani - and perhaps the not very high quality contribution from 'marcellus wallus' too...
greetings from Paris

jpm antwortete am 17.10.04 (08:35):

Now I want to continue the NY-York project (improving the world ;-)! So I have to contact Dr.DeLawter (Pace University) again. Wait and see...

jpm antwortete am 08.01.05 (08:29):

Since october 2004 (as I wrote my last contribution on that communication-board) a lot of events occures. Particulary of course the tsunami, who showed that we are concerned everywhere on the world about disasters, even if they occures very far away from the place we live. So I think we should carry on our WIP-project.
The aims and steps are following:
1. On the IPK-level
- trying to drive our projects in order to face world-wide problems (like we did last year regarding the Istanbul-students-problem-list)
- taking contacts with people on the concerned places (like South-Spain, where Africans are coming from Africa)
- helping sustaining
2. on the Istanbul-level
- taking contact with Jochen Reichle, the teacher in the Deutsche Schule Istanbul
3. on the New York level
- trying to take contact with people from the millenniumproject in order to coordinate our activities on a metalevel.
Here the adress from the millenniumproject:


jpm antwortete am 08.01.05 (19:25):

The millennium goals:
Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education
Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women
Goal 4: Reduce child mortality
Goal 5: Improve maternal health
Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability
Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development

My question: is it possible to build an online-community in order to help attaining one of the listed goals? I think goal 8 could be interesting for us. We could try to build an online-community including students from NY, from Istanbul and from Bavarian. This students have to manage concrete project like those in the IPK-Course. They have to
- set up an individual homepage
- choice a concrete topic in order to carry out a project
- build little research-groups
- prepare the research
- carry out the research
We have to find persons teaching on universities in NY and Istanbul.

jpm antwortete am 13.01.05 (13:50):

@Jochen Reischle
At Eastern 2005 (march 20 to march 24) I will be in Istanbul with a group of students. Perhaps we could continue our WIP-project. As Turkey is preparing its EU-integration some students coming with me at Istanbul at Eastern are making researches about that topic. How about discussing with your students about the human rights and the improvement on that field in Turkey (that's just an example)?
We could embed our cooperation into the UN-project "Millennium", Task Force 10 (education and technology transfer), because we are setting up methods in order to collective construct knowledge (your students and mine).
Here the adress from the millennium-project:


Jochen Reischle antwortete am 13.01.05 (22:49):

I like your idea, and I might be able to get my 12th grade students interested in it; the only problem is the timing; we will be in the last throes of our Abitur corrections during your stay in Istanbul. But I am sure we can work out something nevertheless :-))

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 13.01.05 (22:54):

An afterthought after having checked the link you mentioned above. We have a very active and enthusiastic MUN (Model United Nations) group at our school. They might want to participate. I will talk to my colleagues tomorrow. (My last chance as everybody will be gone for the three week semester break - Kurban Bayram is coming up).

jpm antwortete am 14.01.05 (05:42):


Jochen Reischle antwortete am 14.01.05 (18:54):

I've talked to my colleagues about MUN. Unfortunately they will be in Ireland with their student delegation during your stay in Istanbul. This leaves my 12th grade. I will talk with them about your project after the holidays (which will be in three weeks from now). Until then - all the best

jpm antwortete am 14.01.05 (19:43):

Thank your for help me! Have nice holidays!

Jochen Reischle antwortete am 15.01.05 (10:26):

Cok tesekkür ederim (Tschok teschekür ederim) - thank you very much!

jpm antwortete am 15.01.05 (10:30):

OK. I'll memorize that expression! ;-))
Cok tesekkür ederim!

jpm antwortete am 06.02.05 (06:50):

How to support the Millennium Goals within the IPK-project:
I found it (aus dem Millennium-report, siehe Link)!!
"Civil society organizations can raise public and political awareness about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), maintaining constructives pressure on governments to follow through on their commitments. (...) Many can also take on key tasks in public service delivery, particulary those that hinge on person-to-person training, community-level systems, and the mobilization of young people."

Das ist der Weg!!

Weiter auf dem Forum:


jpm antwortete am 06.02.05 (08:24):

The forum is full. I transfer it in the archives and open a new one (New York-Istanbul (5)).

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