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 All files written by Leo van Opstal
 Make sure that the above line is at the very first line, not
 several lines down, and that it is completely flush with 
 the left margin, or your script will not work.

 Depending on where Perl is on your server, the above location
 may not be correct. To find where Perl is, telnet to your
 server and at the prompt type: which perl This will tell you
 the correct path to Perl on your server. Or, contact your
 server administrator.

 This script is created by td-webdesign.com (www.td-webdesign.com)
 and must not be resold or distributed in any form.
 We protect these rights vigorously. If you have
 questions about the domain of this copyright, please
 contact us. You must keep this copyright notice
 in order to use this program.
 Web based administration, unlimited advertisers, full stats - keep 
 tracking of exposures, click-throughs and the ratio. Requires Server 
 Side Includes (SSI). 

First of all 
 whenever uploading any perl script, use ASCII. This is because
 if you upload as binary, it screws up the line breaks.
 Upload all the files that end in .cgi to a directory where you can run CGI.
 All of these files *must* be in the same directory.

 index.html      - this file;
 ads.setup       - the only file you need to change;
 ads.cgi         - script to display correct advertiser;
 gotoad.cgi      - script to direct links;
 admin.cgi       - script to administrate your advertisers;
 adcount.txt     - a file to keep track of which banner to display;
 adpassword.txt  - password file for administration script;
 01-03.jpg       - demo images 
 Advertiser*.txt - sample data files (see the notes below)

 Open 'ads.setup' and change the following:
 $ads_dir      - the server path to the file;
 $admincgi     - the URL of the administration script;
 $gotoad       - the URL of the gotoad.cgi script;
 $adcount      - let it as is or put the server path to the file;
 $passwordfile - let it as is or put the server path to the file;
 $border       - select what border you like for the banner;
 $fontface     - change the font for the text below the banner 

 ads.setup       - 755
 ads.cgi         - 755
 gotoad.cgi      - 755
 admin.cgi       - 755
 adcount.txt     - 777
 adpassword.txt  - 777 

 Your password is currently set at admin. I suggest the first 
 thing you do is to change it :-)
 Name        - the name of the advertiser - DO NOT USE SPACES.
 Exposures   - the number of exposures purchased.
 URL         - the url that the banner should link to.
 Image URL   - the url of the banner for the advertiser.
 Banner Text - the text that you want to appear below the banner.
 Font Size   - the size of the text below the banner. 

How to call (shtml)
 To add a banner, simply add the text <!--#exec cgi ="ads.cgi"--> 
 wherever you want the banner.
 Run admin.cgi to administrate the program.

How to call (html)
 To add a banner, simply add the text <!--#include virtual ="ads.cgi" -->
 wherever you want the banner.
 Run admin.cgi to administrate the program.

 If you're having problems with the script, please read the following before
 asking me for help. 

500 Internal Server Error
 One of the .cgi files returns 500 Internal Server Error
 Make sure you've changed the first line of the file to #! and 
 then the path to perl on your system
 Make sure you've uploaded the file as ascii, not binary.
 Make sure you've set the permissions for the file to 755.

 When I add banners from the admin page it looks like they've been added but
 they really aren't.
 Make sure that you've entered the correct server path to the data
 directory in ad.cgi.
 Make sure that you've created the directory and set its permissions
 to 777.

An error occurred
 The text "An error occurred", or something like that, appears where a banner
 Make sure that you set ad.cgi's permissions to 755.
 Make sure that you've entered ad.cgi's correct URL *without* the
 http:// or the domain where you're trying to generate the banner.

 Banners are not appearing where I've added the text to generate them.
 Make sure that your server allows SSI and that you've done whatever
 you have to do to enable it (usually changed the page's extention
 to .shtml)
 Make sure that you've added at least one banner to the script.

 The script is already up and running. There are some sample data files, 
 you can easily change or delete them using the administration script.

 If you receive "Moved Temporarily" message in most cases that means you
 forgot to type your password.

Best regards,
Leo van Opstal

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