Primary Source
20th Cent.| Germany | World War I
20th Cent.| Belgium | World War I
Cardinal Mercier, Pastorals, Letters, Allocutions 1914-1917, Table of Contents
Foreword, by Rev. Stillemans pp.vii-x
Cardinal Mercier, Biographical Sketch, pp.xi-xix
by Rev. Stillemans
I. Patriotism and Endurance pp.1-36
II. An Appeal to Truth pp.37-64
Annex I
A Letter addressed by the Lord Bishop of Liege, to Commandant Bayer, Governor of Liege, under date of August 18, 1914 pp.65-66
Annex II containing 5 letters :
1. A Letter from his Eminence Cardinal Mercier, Archbishop of Malines, to the Kreischef of the district of Malines, under date January 24, 1915 pp.67-70
2. A communication from His Eminence the Cardinal of Malines, forwarded to the General Government through the agency of Adjutant von Flemming, under date February 10, 1915 p.70
3. A letter from the Lord Bishop of Namur to the Military Governor of Namur, under date April 12, 1915 pp.71-73
4. A note referring to a partial inquiry made by an Austrian priest appointed by the Wiener Priester Verein p.73
5. Correspondence of the Cardinal of Malines with His Excellency the German Governor-General on the question of outrages suffered by the nuns. pp.73-77
Annex III 
A list of Belgian communities which have suffered pillage, incendiarism, imprisonment or massacre of part of their population and/or sacrileges of their churchs pp.78-80
Annex IV
Infractions of the Hague Convention pp.81-94
III. My return from Rome pp.95-110
IV. For our Soldiers pp.111-122
V. The Voice of God pp.123-144
VI. Belgium Enslaved pp.145-196
VII. Courage, Brethren !  pp.197-218
VIII. Christian Vengeance pp.219-258

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