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18/19th Century | Germany | German Federation
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Germany around 1800
    5. Miscellaneous
  • Madame de Staël (1766-1817) über Sitten und Charakter der Deutschen
  • "Plan pour l'arrangement futur de l'Europe", Hardenberg und Castlereagh, 29 April 1814 from Paris (excerpts), posted by Ilja Nieuwland

Vienna Congress
Restauration and Pre-Revolutionary Mood
    2. Early Constitutions
  • A Constitution for Prussia, Artikel in: The Living Age, New York, 8. Februar 1845, from Cornell-University-Library
Economy & Nation
1848 & 1849
... until the Foundation of the Kaiserreich
    3. French-Prussian War (Unification War 1870/71)
  • Casues of the French-Prussian War, by Prof. C. A. Eggert, in: Putnam's monthly magazine of American literature, science and art, Volume 16, Ausgabe 34: New York, Oktober 1870, S. 450-457, from Cornell-University-Library
  • Prussia and Germany, by H. W. Hemans, in: The North American review, Volume 112, Ausgabe 230 (Januar 1871). Cedar Falls, Iowa, etc., S. 113-160, from Cornell-University-Library
  • The French Conquest of Lorraine and Alsace, by Henry M. Baird, in: Scribners monthly, an illustrated magazine for the people, Volume 1, Ausgabe 4, Februar 1871, S. 367-379, from Cornell-University-Library
  • Treaty between France and Germany (Vertrag zwischen Frankreich und Deutschland), Frankfort, May 10, 1871
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