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18th/19th C. | International | Austria
18th/19th C. | International | Italy
Treaty between Austria and Italy, (Vienna) October 3, 1866
(Hertslet, iii, No.392)

Article I. There shall be from the date of the exchange of the Ratifications of the present Treaty, Peace and Friendship between His Majesty the King of Italy and His Majesty the Emperor of Austria, their heirs and successors, their States and their respective subjects in perpetuity. (p.101)

Article II. The Italian and Austrian Prisoners of War shall be immediately delivered up on both sides.

Article III. His Majesty the Emperor of Austria agrees to the Union of the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom to the Kingdom of Italy.

Article IV. The Frontier of the Ceded Territory is determined by the actual administrative confines of the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom.
A Military Commission appointed by the two Contracting Powers shall be entrusted with the execution of the tracing on the spot within the shortest possible delay.

Article V. The evacuation of the Ceded Territory determined by the preceding Article, shall begin immediately after the signature of Peace, and shall be terminated in the shortest possible delay, in conformity with the arrangements agreed upon between the Special Commissioners appointed to that effect.

(Articles VI-XII. Arrangements concerning the Debt of ceded territories, maintenance of existing contracts for public works, &c.)

Article XIII. The Italian and Austrian Governments, desirous of extending the relations between the two States, engage to facilitate Railway Communications and to favour the establishment of new Lines to unite the Italian and Austrian networks. The Government of His Imperial Royal Apostolic Majesty promises besides to hasten as much as possible the conclusion of the Brenner Line destined to unite the valley of the Adige with that of the Inn.

Article XIV. Inhabitants or natives of the Territory ceded by the present Treaty will have, for the space of a year, from the date on which the Ratifications are exchanged, and conditionally on a previous (p.102) declaration before the competent authorities, full and entire power to export their Movables, free of duty, and to retire with their families into the States of His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty, in which case their quality of Austrian subjects will be retained by them. They will be at liberty to keep their immovable property situated on the ceded Territory.
The same power is granted reciprocally to natives of the ceded Territory of Lombardy in the States of His Majesty the Emperor of Austria.
The Lombards who profit by these arrangements cannot be, on account of their choice, disturbed on either side, in their person or their properties sutuated in the respective States.
The delay of one year is extended to two years, for the subjects, natives of the ceded Territory of Lombardy, who at the time of the exchange of the Ratifications of this Treaty are not within the Territory of the Austrian Monarchy. Their Declaration may be received by the nearest Austrian Mission, or by the superior authority of any province of the Monarchy.

Article XV. The Lombardo-Venetian subjects in the Austrian army will be immediately discharged from military service and sent back to their homes.
It is understood that those amongst them who declare their wish to remain in the service of His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty shall be free to do so, and will not be disturbed on this account, either in person or in property.
The same guarantees are assured to the Civil Employes, natives of the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom, who manifest their intention of keeping the offices they occupy in the Austrian Service.
Civil Servants born in the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom (p.103) shall have the choice, either of remaining in the Austrian Service, or entering the Italian Administration, in which case the Government of His Majesty the King of Italy engages, either to place them in positions analogous to those which they occupied, or allot them Pensions, the amount of which shall be fixed according to the Laws and Regulations in force in Austria. It is understood that the said Civil Servants shall act under the disciplinary Laws and Regulations of the Italian Administration.

Article XVI. Officers of Italian origin, who are actually in the Austrian Service, shall have the choice, either of remaining in the Service of His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty or of entering the Army of His Majesty the King of Italy, with the Rank they hold in the Austrian Army, provided they make the request within 6 months after the Ratification of the present Treaty.

Article XVII. The Pensions, both Civil and Military, regularly paid, and which were paid out of the public funds of the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom, remain due to those entitled to them, and, if need be, to their widows and children, and will be paid in future by the Government of His Italian Majesty.
This stipulation is extended to the Pensioners, both Civil and Military, as well as their widows and children, without distinction of origin, who keep their domicile in the ceded Territory, and whose salaries, paid up to 1814 by the then Government of the Lombardo-Venetian Provinces, then became payable by the Austrian Treasury.

(Articles XVIII-XXIII. Arrangements concerning Archives, confirmation of previous conventions, &c.)

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