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    World War I
    World War II
      5. Witness Reports
    • Kees's Story: Memories of a Dutch Schoolboy, from
    • Brieven uit het verleden (letters from the past), family correspondence, mostly on 1937-1946, posted by Robert H. Peters, a person of German ancestry with Dutch nationality born in England; letters reflect German occupation of the Netherlands (inquiries concerning relatives in NL, via the Red Cross etc.)
    • Verhalen (Stories), Tweede Wereldoorlog en het Verzet in Nederland (World War II and Resistance in the Netherlands), from A.J.Elburg
    • Vertrouwen Tijdens De Oorlog (Trust. War Memoires by Lidia E. van Woerden; her family provided shelter to Jews during World War II), in Dutch, illustrated Vertrouwen Tijdens De Oorlog
    since 1945
    • Statuut voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Statute for the Kingdom of the Netherlands; the statute redefined the status within the kingdom of the former colonies, the Netherlands' Antilles, Suriname and Netherlands' New Guinea), 1954, from Stichting Sociale Databank Nederland
      Korean War 1950
    • June 26, 1950 : Noord Korea valt Zuid Korea binnen (North Korea invades South Korea), article in NRC (Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant); first newspaper; click on 250-600 kb file to view full text (in Dutch)
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