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Convention between Austria and Prussia
(Prague) August 23, 1866

(Hertslet iii, No.388)

Article I. There shall be Peace and Friendship between His Majesty the Emperor of Austria and His Majesty the King of Prussia, and between their heirs and successors, as well as between their respective States and subjects, henceforth and for ever.

Article II. For the purpose of carrying out Article VI of the Prelimiaries of Peace concluded at Nikolsburg on the 26th July, 1866, and as His Majesty the Emperor of the French officially declared through his accredited Ambassador to His Majesty the King of Prussia, on the 29th July, 1866, 'qu'en ce qui concerne le Gouvernement de l'Empereur, la Venetie est acquise a l'Italie pour lui etre remise a la Paix' - His Majesty the Emperor of Austria also acceded on his part to the Declaration and give his consent to the Union of the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom with the Kingdom of Italy, without any other burdensome condition than the liquidation of those Debts which, being charged on the Territories ceded, are to be recognized in accordance with the precedent of the Treaty of Zürich.

Article III. The Prisoners of War shall be set at liberty immediately on both sides.

Article IV. His Majesty the Emperor of Austria acknowledges the dissolution of the Germanic Confederation as hitherto constituted, and gives his consent to a new organization of Germany without the participation of the Imperial Austrian State. His Majesty likewise promises to recognize the more restricted Federal relations which His Majesty the King of Prussia will establish (p.77) to the north of the line of the Main; and he declares the concurrence in the formation of an Association of the German States situated to the south of that line, whose national connexion with the North German Confederation is reserved for further arrangement between the parties, and which will have an independent international existence.

Article V. His Majesty the Emperor of Austria transfers to His Majesty the King of Prussia all the rights which he acquired by the Vienna Treaty of Peace of the 30th October, 1964, over the Duchies of Holstein and Schleswig, with the condition that the populations of the Northern Districts of Schleswig shall be ceded to Denmark if, by a free vote, they express a wish to be united to Denmark.

Article VI. At the desire of His Majesty the Emperor of Austria, His Majesty the King of Prussia declares his willingness to let the present Territorial condition of the Kingdom of Saxony remain to the same extent as before, in the alterations which are about to be made in Germany; but he reserves to himself the right of arranging the contribution of Saxony to the expenses of the War, and the future position of the Kingdom of Saxony in the North German Confederation, by special Treaty to be concluded with His Majesty the King of Saxony.
On the other hand, His Majesty the Emperor of Austria promises to recognize the new arrangements that will be made by His Majesty the King of Prussia in North Germany, including the Territorial alterations.

(Articles VII-XII. Arrangements concerning Federal Property, War Indemnity, &c.)

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