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Proclamation of the German Emperor and the Emperor of Austria, respecting the establishment of a Kingdom of Poland
(Warsaw), Nov. 6, 1916

(The Times, November 6, 1916)

To the inhabitants of the Government of Warsaw. - His Majesty the German Emperor and his Majesty the Austrian Emperor and Apostolic King of Hungary, sustained by their firm confidence in the final victory of their arms, and guided by the wish to lead to a happy future the Polish districts which by their brave armies were snatched with heavy sacrifices from Russian power, have agreed to form from these districts an independent State with a hereditary Monarchy and a Constitution. The more precise regulation of the frontiers of the Kingdom of Poland remains reserved.
In union with both the Allied Powers the new Kingdom will find the guarantees which it desires for the free development of its strength. In its own Army the glorious traditions of the Polish Army of former times and the memory of our brave Polish fellow-combatants in the great war of the present time will continue to live. Its organization, training and command, will be regulated by mutual agreement. The Allied Monarchs confidently hope that their wishes for the State and national development of the Kingdom of Poland will now be fulfilled with the necessary regard to the general political (p.142) conditions of Europe and to the welfare and security of their own countries and peoples.
The great western neighbours of the Kingdom of Poland will see with pleasure arise again and flourish at their eastern frontier a free and happy State rejoicing in its national life.
By order of his Majesty the German Emperor

von Beseler, Governor-General

R.B. Mowat, Select Treaties and Documents 1815-1916, Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1916, pp.141-142

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