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Germany | Imperialism
Bismarck on Colonial Policy, Excerpt from a letter directed at Roon, Minister of War (1868)
"On one hand the advantages for trade and industry of the motherland, which are expected from the possession of colonies, for the most part are based on illusions. Because the costs caused by the establishment, support and maintenance of colonies, often exceed the benefit enjoyed by the motherland, as the experiences of England and France prove. Furthermore it is difficult to justify to make the entire nation by, via taxation, for the benefit of certain branches of trade and industry. Based on its experience, England has given up the policy of colonial acquisitions, and France equally seems little interested in establishing new colonies ... On the other hand our navy is not yet sufficiently developed to take responsibility for the protection in distant states. Finally, the attempt to found colonies in regions claimed by other states, no matter if with or without legitimation, would cause mainfold, undesired conflicts."

from : Hans Spellmeyer, Deutsche Kolonialpolitik im Reichstag (German Colonial Policy in the Reichstag (1)). Stuttgart 1931, p. 3
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