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Agreement with the Chiefs of Aghwey. Peace with Little Popo, April 20, 1864
We, the Chiefs of Aghwey, do hereby faithfully promise from henceforth not to attack or molest the town or people of (p.111) Little Popo, always provided that our town and people are not attacked or molested by the people of Little Popo.
In the event of the person calling himself Pedro Cudjoe, or any other person from Little Popo, attacking or molesting our town and people without the concurrence of the Headmen of Little Popo, we reserve to ourselves the right of dealing with the person or persons according to our native laws, without making war on Little Popo.
Two years ago we promised the Commander of the British man-of-war "Spitfire" not to attack or make war with Little Popo; he promised us that the people of Little Popo should not be allowed to attack us while the "Spitfire" was here at anchor off our town, and after we had given our faithful promise to her Commander, the Little Popo people came here, assisted by the Awoona people, to burn our town; we did nothing until they were close to and firing at our town, thinking that the "Spitfire" would prevent them, as her Commander had promised; instead of doing so, she steamed about, and the officers looked through their glasses, enjoying the sight. When we promise a great nation anything, and an officer of that nation also promises us, we keep our promise and expect the great nation to keep her promise. We kept our promise; the great nation of England did not keep theirs. This makes us cautious.
Signed before me this 20th April, 1864, at the town of Aghwey.

Leveson Wildman, Commander and Senior Officer Bights Division.

Their  Their 
X E. Koom X Tolky Gireyhus
X Ili Vi X Kuessi Gaizizo
X Tetter King X Kneeka Avooni
X Sammi X Philip Goo
marks  X Joe

Witnesses :
F.S. Madeiro, Joseph Dawson

The promise (in writing) mentioned by the Chiefs of Aghwey was produced and shown to me in the presence of Mr. Dawson, Interpreter, and all the Headmen.
I know that their promise has been truly kept, and from what I hear from trustworthy persons, I fully believe that their statement respecting the "Spitfire" is inj all respects perfectly true.

Leveson Wildman, Commander

Certifico em como e certo au relatado em este documento, e em o documento passado pelo o Commandanto di vapor de guerra Ingles "Spitfire".

Francisco Jose Medeiro


Source: A complete collection of the treaties and conventions and reciprocal regulations at present subsisting between Great Britain and Foreign Powers and of the laws, decrees, orders in council & concerning the same; so far as they relate to commerce and navigation, the slave trade, post-office communications, copyright &. and to the privileges and interests of the subjects of the high contracting partners, edited by Edward Hertslet, Vol.XII, London 1871, pp.110-111