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Atlas of Germany's Colonies and Illustrated Yearbook, edited by the German Colonial Society, 1910, Colonial Literature and Maps 1909/10 : Togo
Colonial Literature and Maps 1909/10 : Togo

Die Entwicklung Togos im Jahre 1907/08. -. (The development of Togo in 1907/08) with a colour map of the protectorate. 1909. (Koloniale Rundschau No. 7.) 1.

Dove, K.: Togo und Kamerun. (Togo and Kamerun) 104 pp. with 16 plates and 1 map. 1909. Hardcover. -.80.

Sternfeld, Dr.: Die Schlangen Togos. (Togo's snakes) with 1 map and 42 images. 1909. 1.-.

Sternfeld, Dr.: Die Schlangen Togos. (Togo's snakes) with 1 map and 34 images. 1909. 1.-.

Westermann, D.: Handbuch der Ful-Sprache. Worterbuch, Grammatik, Uebungen und Texte. (Manual of the Ful Language. Dictionary, Grammar, Exercises and Texts) 1909. hardcover 8.-.

Wandkarte von Togo. 1 : 500.000. (wall map of Togo) edited by P. Sprigade. Format c. 65 x 125 cm, Price 6.-, drawn on linen with sticks 9.-.

Die Landschaften um den Agu. (The landscapes around the Agu) Under the guidance of P. Sprigade edited and drawn by G. Thomas. 1 : 50.000. Mitt. a. d. Deutsch. Schutzgeb. 1910, Karte 1.

Further notes on literature and maps can be found in Dietrich Reimer's "Mitteilungen für Ansiedler, Farmer, Tropenpflanzer, Beamte, Forschungsreisende und Kaufleute". Issued quarterly, single issues at 30 Pfennig; yearly issue, postage included, at 1.60 Mark. Available at all bookstores or directly from Dietrich Reimer (Erich Vohsen), Berlin SW 48.

Source: Deutscher Kolonial-Atlas mit Jahrbuch, (Atlas German Colonies, with Yearbook), edited by P. Sprigade und M. Moisel, Yearbook and Remarks by Hubert Henoch. Berlin 1910, p.13

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