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Atlas of Germany's Colonies and Illustrated Yearbook, edited by P. Sprigade and M. Moisel, 1914, Colonial Literature and Maps : Deutsch-Südwestafrika
Colonial Literature and Maps : Deutsch-Südwestafrika.

composed by Dietrich Reimer (Ernst Vohsen) Buchhandlung, Berlin SW. 48, Wilhelmstr. 29.

Deutsch-Südwestafrika. Amtlicher Ratgeber fur Auswanderer. (Official Guide for Emigrants) 4. updated edition 1912. With 44 illustrations and 2 coloured maps M. 1.-.
The new edition of the "Amtlicher Ratgeber" again has been edited by the Reichs-Kolonialamt and the Imperial Government in Windhuk and deals with all changes that have occurred since the publication of the third edition in 1910. The text expansion concerns mainly the chapters II and III "Die Ansiedlung" (settlement) and "Schutzgebietverwaltung" (administration of the protectorate). A considerable number of new attachments have been added; we mention especially the new regulations and the railway schedules, freight tariffs etc. The "Amtliche Ratgeber" is the only official orientation manual on the conditions in the colony; it will not only be acquired by all those who intend to emigrate to Deutsch-Südwestafrika, but everyone interested in colonial affairs, colonial investment corporations, banks, industrialists, merchants who have business connections with Deutsch-Südwestafrika just have to own the book.

Adreßbuch, deutsch-Südwestafrikanisches. 1914. (German South West African Directory) edited by the Adressen-Bureau A. Schulze, Swakopmund. 1914. 8.-.

Falkenhausen, Helene v., geb. Nitze: Ansiedler-Schicksale. 11 Jahre in Deutsch-Südwestafrika. 1893-1904. (settler fates. 11 years in SWA) 260 pp. elegant binding. 3.-.

Golf, Dr. A.: Ackerbau in Deutsch-Südwestafrika. Das Trockenfarmen u. seine Anwendung in D.-S.-W.-A. (agriculture in SWA. Dry farming and its application in SWA) 64 pp. with illustrations. 1911. 1.60.

Meinhof, C.: Grundriß einer Lautlehre der Bantusprachen nebst Anleitung zur Aufnahme von Bantusprachen. (Sketch of a phonetic of the Bantu languages with instruction how to record Bantu languages) Appendix: Index of Bantu word roots. 2. edition. 340 pp. with. 2 ill. and 1 coloured map. hardcover 14.-.

- Die Sprache der Herero in Deutsch-Südwestafrika. (The language of the Herero in SWA) 114 pp. 1909. hardcover. 4.-.

- Grundzuge einer vergleichenden Grammatik der Bantusprachen. (Sketch of a comparative grammar of the Bantu languages) 1909. hardcover. 8.-.

Cramer, Ada: Weiß oder Schwarz. Lehr- und Leidensjahre eines Farmers in Südwest im Lichte des Rassenhasses. (White or black. A farmer's years of gaining experiencxe and of suffering in Southwest under the perspective of 
racial hatred) 150 pp. 1913. 4.-, hardcover 5.-.

Creytz, Frhr. Arth. v.: Der Hund im Dienste des Farmers, der Schutz- und Polizeitruppe in Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika. (The dog in the service of the farmer, of the Schutztruppe and the police force in SWA) 80 pp. with 7 ill. 1913. 2.50.

Dove, K.: Deutsch-Südwestafrika. with ill. 1913. hardcover -.90.

Eschstruth, Oberforstm. M. v.: Grundlagen eines Südwestafrikanischen Wasserrechts. (Foundations of a South West African Water Law) 268 pp. 1913. 8.-. (p. 30)

von Gleichen, gen. v. Rußwurm: Ratschläge für angehende Farmer in Deutsch-Südwestafrika. (Tips for prospective farmers in SWA) with 8 plates. 1914. 1.50.
While the Amtliche Ratgeber gives general instructions for every emigrant willing to settle in SWA, this booklet intends to advise those who go out to acquire land in order to breed cattle on a large scale. Until now, in this special field a book giving practical advice had been lacking. The first two chapters deal with departure and arrival. Then follow a chapter on the treatment of natives, the acquisition of land and the breeding of animals. The latter is structured in 4 sub-chapters : cattle breeding, breeding of sheep and goats, of horses and mules and finally of ostriches.

Kolbe, Franz: Ackerbau in Deutsch-Südwestafrika. (agriculture in SWA) Koloniale Rundschau 13, 1.-.

Lettow-Vorbeck, Hpt. v.: Unsere Gersdorffer in Südwest. (Our Gersdorffers in SWA) on official order edited, 63 pp. with ill. and 1 map. 1913. -.80.

Moritz, Prof. Dr. Eduard, Das Schulwesen in Deutsch-Südwestafrika. (Schooling in SWA) with many statistical tables and 1 map. 1914. 293 pp. M. 5.-.

Schlettwein, C.: Der Farmer in Deutsch-Südwestafrika. (The farmer in SWA. A description of all business branches of interest to the African farmer) 2. edition with 74 ill. 1913. hardcover. 7.-.

Schneider, Josef: Der Fortschritt in der Landwirtschaft von Südwest (SWA's agriculture's progress) (Koloniale Rundschau 13.) 1.-.

Taschenbuch fur Südwestafrika 1914. (Pocketbook for SWA 1914) edited by Major K. Schwabe, Dr. Ph. Kuhn and Dr. G. Fock. 6. issue 1914. 3 parts. 6.-. The "Hamburger Fremdenblatt" comments with insight: "it is a real manual for SWA, for farmers, settlers, military and merchants, a manual valuable not only to him who will hold up German identity in SWA, but which can be a good reference book to friends of culture at home."

Voigt, Bernh.: Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika. Land und Leute. Eine Heimatkunde, (SWA, a country study) 111 pp. with 1 illustration and 20 plates. 1913. 2.50, hardcover. 3.-.

Zadow, F.: Die Organisation des Bodenkredits in Deutsch-Südwestafrika (The organization of mortgages in SWA) (Koloniale Rundschau 13.) 1.-.

Karte des Sperrgebiets in Deutsch-Südwestafrika. (map of the restricted area in SWA) In 10 leaves 1 : 100.000. edited, on behalt of the German Diamond Corp., by P. Sprigade and Dr. H. Lotz. 1913. Price M. 80.-. Drawn on linem in pocket size or with sticks as wall map 100.-. Single leaves je M. 8,- each, drawn M. 10.-.

Krokierblatter Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika. 1: 100.000. composed by the Konigl. Preuß. Landesaufnahme (Royal Prussian Survey), Berlin 1911/1912 based on various original surveys, finalized by the Topogr. Department. Leaves: 15 C 6 Karibib - 15 D 5 Kubas - 15 D, 6 Abbabis - 15 E, 6 Wilhelmsfeste - 16 B, 2 Jägerhöhe - 16 C, 1 Okasie - 16 C, 3 Okahandja - 16 D, 1 Otjua - 16 D, 3 Gr. Barmen - 16 E, 4 Windhuk - 16 E, 5 Seeis - 16 F, 5 Lichtenstein - 16 F, 4 Aris a. Usip - 16 F, 5 Hattamas - 16 C, 1 Johann-Albrechtshohe. every leaf 1.40, drawn in pocket size 1.80. Survey map to these leaves gree of charge. Dietrich Reimer (Ernst Vohsen), Berlin. SW. 48

Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika: 1 : 400.000. edited by the Topogr. Department of the Landesaufnahme (Survey). Every leaf c. 53 : 55 cm, water bodies blau, Terrain indication (not on all leaves) brown, everything else in black. Leaf 3: Rehoboth, Leaf 4: Namutpni, Leaf 9: Zissfontein, Leaf 10: Franzfontein, Leaf 11: Outjo-Tsumeb, Leaf 12: Grootfonein, Leaf 14: Kap Croß, Leaf 15: Swakopmund-Omaruru, Leaf 16: Windhuk, Leaf 17: Gobabis, Leaf 19: Kuiseb-Unterlauf, Leaf 20: Maltahohe-Rehoboth, Leaf 21: Aarahoab, Leaf 24: Gibeon-Bethanien, Leaf 25: Keetmanshoop, Leaf 29: Warmbad. Price per leaf 2.60, drawn on linen in pocket size 3,40 M. (survey map free of charge upon request from Dietrich Reimer (Ernst Vohsen) Berlin SW. 48.)

Grimm, .Th., Khomanshochland. Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika. (Khoman Plateau, SWA) surveyed and mapped Hannover 1911, public surveyor and cultural engineer. 2. Sektion: 1:100.000, without net of degrees, each 73 - 115 cm, in 4 colours. Hannover 1913.

Geologische Karte des Khauas-Gebietes (Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika) (Geological map of the Khauas region, SWA) on behalf of the Hanseatic Mining Corp. edited by Dr. Rimann. 1 : 400.000. 8.-.

Karte des Küstengebietes zwischen Hottentottenbucht und Empfangnisbucht 1 : 400.000. (map of the coastal region between Hottentot Bay and Bay of Delivery), northern part, after surveys of surveyor Schlue and of the surveying bureau Schuttler-Schmiedel with reference to the geographic coordinates established by S.M.S. Mowe; central and southern part after surveys of Dr. E. Ruming. Edited in the surveying bureau of Deutschen Kolonial-Gesellschaft by cartographer A. Hofmann

Karte des Deutsch-Portugiesischen Grenzgebiets in Südwestafrika. (Map of the German-Portuguese border area in SWA) edited under the guidance of Paul Sprigade and H. Nobiling. The Portuguese area based on a description by Dr. Max Groll. 1 : 500.000. Leaf 2.

Further notes on literature and maps can be found in Dietrich Reimer's "Mitteilungen für Ansiedler, Farmer, Tropenpflanzer, Beamte, Forschungsreisende und Kaufleute". Issued quarterly, single issues at 30 Pfennig; yearly issue, postage included, at 1.60 Mark. Available at all bookstores or directly from Dietrich Reimer (Erich Vohsen), Berlin SW 48

Source: Deutscher Kolonial-Atlas mit Jahrbuch, (Atlas German Colonies, with Yearbook), edited by P. Sprigade und M. Moisel. Berlin 1914, p.29f

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