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Deutscher Kolonial-Atlas mit Jahrbuch (Atlas German Colonies, with Yearbook), edited by the German Colonial Society, 1918, Resolution


(unanimously adopted in the session of the executive board of the
Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft on June 30th 1917).

The Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft is convinced that the course of the World War has intensified the mutual connection of activities at home and overseas/in the colonies. The preservation of Germany's position as a world power and the threatening economic conflict demand, that for Germany a firm position of power is gained in Europe, which secures its position as a sea power and secures access to the oceans. Further it demands that Germany's overseas activity is safeguarded by the possession of own colonies within considerably extended borders, connected to overseas bases. Unless the supply of raw materials is guaranteed, the German national economy is threatened, and so is our working population, at a scope still incalculable.
With satisfaction the Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft welcomes the resolve expressed by the secretary of state in the Reichs-Kolonialamt, expressed in the name of the Reichskanzler in Leipzig, to enforce the return of our colonies and to establish a strong colonial empire in Africa.
Such an expansion shall be pursued firsly in Central Africa - mainland and islands. This will enable the combination of the present German colonies. It will also include West African colonies, which, because of their dense population, their wealth in easily producible colonial raw materials and the possibility of establishing naval bases, are of immeasurable value to us. 
The Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft simultaneously strongly protests against the concept of giving up our economically and strategically so valuable colonies in the Pacific and, as on the past, energetically supports the protection of our rather important economic interests in East Asia. 


Source: Deutscher Kolonial-Atlas mit Jahrbuch, (Atlas German Colonies, with Yearbook), edited by P. Sprigade und M. Moisel, Surveys and retrospects by Dr. Karstedt. Berlin 1918, p.41

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