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RUMS Heft 24: Economic Causes of Imperialism - On January 26th 1889, August Bebel said the following in Germany's Reichstag

""Who is this Ostafrikanische Gesellschaft (German East African Society) ? A small circle of capitalists, bankers, merchants and entrepreneurs, i.e. a small circle of very rich men, whose interests have nothing in common with the interests of the German people, who (1) in their colonial policy are pursuing nothing else but their own, personal interest, who ... only want, based on the property of a larger amount of capital, to enlarge their wealth at the expense of a weaker population. To such a colonial policy we will never give our approval. After all, the essence of all colonial policies is the exploitation of a foreign population to the highest degree. Wherever we open the history of colonial policy over the last 300 years, we meet about violence against and the suppression of the peoples concerned, which not often ends in the complete extermination of the latter. And the driving force always is gold, to acquire gold and gold again. In order to be able to pursue the exploitation of the African population undisturbed, now millions of the Empire's money, millions of the taxpayers' money shall be spent to support the Ostafrikanische Gesellschaft, to safeguard their business of exploitation. That we, as opponents of any kind of suppression, cannot lend our hand in this matter, you will understand."

(1) pertaining to the small circle of capitalists, bankers, merchants and entrepreneurs

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in: "Stenographische Berichte über die Verhandlungen des Deutschen Reichstages" (Stenographic Reports on the Transactions of the German Reichstag)
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