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18/19th Century | Germany | Second Kaiserreich
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Unification and Constitution
Domestic Policy
Foreign Policy
Arts, Culture, Education
Rulers & Ruled
    1.4 Perspectives in Occupation and Education
  • Statistical table, published in 1913 which, based on information on books borrowed from the Library of the Berlin Carpenters    
  • Statistical table Illustrating the Social Background of Students of the Schools of Higher Learning in the city of Barmen (1906)
    3. The (un)avoidable World War !? : Hawks and Doves
  • General Friedrich von Bernhardi, The next war, fron H-Net
    4. Miscellaneous
  • Otto von Bismarck, Memoirs (excerpts)
  • Prince von Bismarck, by Emilio Castelar, in: The North American review, Volume 167, Ausgabe 500. Cedar Falls, Iowa, etc., Juli 1898, S. 106-120, from Cornell University Library
  • Furst Bismarck, with Portrait, by Georg Moritz Wahl, Nachruf in Harper's new monthly magazine, 1890, S. 75-99, Volume 81, Issue 481, from Cornell University Library
  • Nordwestdeutsche Zeitung vom 18. Oktober 1906: Der Schuster Wilhelm Voigt als "Hauptmann von Köpenick", von Nordsee-Zeitung, Bremerhaven
  • Kaiser Wilhelm, von Dr. Moritz Busch, in: Harper's new monthly magazine, Volume 68, Ausgabe 408. New York, Mai 1884, S. 853-863, from Cornell University Library
  • Das Hausbuch der Anna Schöning aus dem Jahre 1875, Abschrift (Anna Schoenings house book from 1875, copy) (part I) (part II)
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