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    Dutch Revolt (1568/1579-1648)
      Documents of local relevance (testaments, purchase treaties etc.)
    • Rechterlijk Archief (jurisdictional archive), pertaining to Krommenie
    • Oud Notarieel Archief (old archive of the public notary), pertaining to Beverwijk, Haarlem, Krommenie, Uitgeest, Velsen overall 48 documents, posted in Dutch
    • Lawgiving in the Netherlands a collection of 825 mostly pre-Napoleonic, mostly regional and local laws, including 19th and 20th century constitutions. Mostly on the northern Netherlands; includes sources on Dutch-speaking Belgium, as well as on Dutch colonies.
    • Geschiedenis van Arnemuiden, Bronnen (History of Arnemuiden, Sources), many documents, mostly from the 16th century
    Dutch Republic, First Era of Liberty (1650-1672)
      1.2 Treaties of Spain with the Estates General
    • Instruction pour les Juges Delegues a la Chambre Mipartie, conclue & arretee entre l'Ambassadeur de Philippe IV. Roi d'Espagne, & les Deputes de L. H. P. Les Etats Generaux des Provinces Unies. A la Haye le 12. Juillet 1652 avec la Ratification de leurs Hautes Puissances (Instruction for the delegate judges of the Mipartie Chamber, concluded between the Ambassador of Philip IV., King of Spain, and the deputies of their High Powers, the Estates General of the United Provinces. Den Haag, July 12th 1652, with the ratification by the High Powers) p.14, p.15, p.16, p.17, p.18, p.19, p.20, p.21, p.22, p.23, p.24, p.25, p.26, p.27, p.28, p.29, p.30, p.31, p.32, p.33, p.34, p.35, p.36, p.37, p.38, PDF-Files from Dumont, Gallica
    • Acoort en verdrag tusschen de Koning van Spanjen en de Heeren Staaten Generaal, rakende den Ophef der Schattingen van de Collaterale Successien, over de Geestelyke goederen (Accord and Treaty between the King of Spain and the Estates General concerning the abolition of the taxation of collateral succession, on ecclesiastical property etc.) S.71, p.72, p.73, p.74, Sept. 21st 1660, PDF-Files from Dumont, Gallica
      1.3 Treaties of the German Emperor with the Estates General
    • 1662, Accort tusschen d'Hoogh Mogende Heeren Staten Generaal der Vereenigde Nederlanden, ende syn Hoogheyd den Aartshertog Leopoldus, als Groot-Meester, ende d'Heeren van de Duytsche Ordre ter sake van de Souverainiteyd ende Heerlikheyd van Gemert (Treaty between the Estates General of the United Netherlands and his Majesty, Archduke Leopold, as Grand Master, and the Lords of the Teutonic Order, concerning the Seigneurie Gemert) p.112, p.113, p.114, p.115, p.116, p.117, , French Translation: p.118, p.119, p.120, p.121, PDF-Files from Dumont, Gallica
      1.4 Treaties of the Dutch East India Company
    • Contract, Alliance & Confederation entre la Compagnie des Indes Orientales des Provinces Unies des Pais-Bas: le Roi de Cochin & le Radia De Porca. (Contract, Alliance and Confederation between the V.O.C. (Dutch East India Company), the King of Cochin and the Raja of Porca) p.122, p.123, p.124 PDF-Files from Dumont, Gallica
    • Contrat & Alliance perpetuelle faite entre la Compagnie des Indes Orientales des Provinces Unies des Pais-Bas par l'Amiral Hollandois Ryclof Van Goens, au nom du Gouverneur General & le Conseil des Indes d'une part, & Moetedaville Roi de Cochin, & ses Princes de l'autre. (Contract and perpetual Alliance between the V.O.C. (Dutch East India Company), represented by the Admiral of Holland, Ryclof van Goens, in the name of Governor General and Council of the Indies, and Moetedaville King of Cochin, and his princes on the other) p.125, p.126, p.127, p.128, p.129, p.130, p.131, p.132, p.133, p.134, p.135 PDF-Files from Dumont, Gallica
    • Traitez faits entre les Seigneurs de la Compagnie Orientale Hollandoise, & le Radia Tello, & Crain Linques, les 9 & 13 Mars 1668 (Treaty concluded between the administrators of the V.O.C. (Dutch East India Company) and Raja Tello and Crain Linques, March 9th/13th 1668) p.160, p.161, p.162, p.163, p.164, p.165, p.166, p.167, p.168, p.169, p.170, p.171, p.172 PDF-Dateien from Dumont, Gallica
      1.5 Miscellaneous
    • Acte & Declaration par lequel le Comte D'Oostfrise engage aux Seigneurs Etats Generaux des Provinces-Unies les Places d'Eylerschans & Jemgummer - Duinger (Act and declaration by which the Count of East Frisia transfers to the Estates General the places Eylerschans and Jemgummer Duinger) p.136, p.137, p.138, p.139 PDF-Files from Gallica
    • Acte d'Accord & Transaction, entre le Conseil d'Etat des Provinces Unies des Pais-Bas, & le Doyen & Chapitre de l'Eglise Collegiale de Courtray. (Act of Accord and Transaction, between the Council of State of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, and Dean and Chapter of the Church College at Courtrai), June 3rd 1664 p.130, p.131, p.132, p.133, p.134, p.135 PDF-Files from Gallica
    Willem III. (1672-1702)
    • William Blathwayt Papers (Blathwayt was serving William III. as diplomat; detailed inventory of letters, mostly from 1692-1703), Marshall/Osborn Collection, Beinecke Library, Yale Univ
      Social history
    • Spotpamfletten 1673 (Ironic Cartoons from 1673), Eenige spot-printen der Francen tegen de Hollanders. By haar uytgegeven in ‘t jaar 1673. Doch nu verrijkt met De Antwoorden der Nederlanders op dezelve. (Some ironic cartoons of the French against the Dutch, published by them in 1673, now enriched with the Dutch responses to these.) posted by E.R.P. Klouwen
    • Netherlands 18/19th Century, from PSM-Data
    • Netherlands 20th Century, from PSM-Data
    • English Treaties with the States General (Chalmers, Vol.1), from Gallica (bibliothèque numérique de la Bibliothèque nationale de France)
    • Jean Dumont: Nouveau recueil de traitez... (Amsterdam, 1710) vol. 1 only (1647 to 1694), from Gallica (bibliothèque numérique de la Bibliothèque nationale de France)
    • Historische Kranten (1656-1946) (Historical Newspapers, 1656-1946, mostly Dutch), list of links, posted by Rob Kuijsten
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