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Reichstagsakten 1888/89, 7. Lp., Vol. 121, Attachment 41: Collection of Documents pertaining the Uprising in East Africa, No.12: Report from the Imperial consul general on Zanzibar
Zanzibar, September 25th 1888
arrived Berlin, October 22nd 1888

As the British East India Company's post vessel has been held back by the British consul general for one day, I use the opportunity to having the honour to report to your Excellency on the latest reports in Kilwa, which became known here today. According to a letter brought in by an Arab dhow to an Arab resident here, on the 22nd of this month an argument arose between one of the two employees of the Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Gesellschaft and several Arabs, an argument which lead to an assault and resulted in the employee being murdered. Afterward the population seems to have undertaken an attack on the Gesellschaft station house;
the inhabitants defended themselves with rifle fire, killed 5 or 6 attackers, but were finally overwhelmed by superior numbers. We do not have certain information on the fate of the second employee; according to an unfortunately probable version he was also killed, according to another only wounded.
At my request of the 20th of this month, the squadron chief has sent S.M.S. "Möwe" from Bagamoyo to Kilwa on the 21st.
Because of the simultaneous eruption of unrest in Bagamoyo and Kilwa it is to be assumed that there has been a common plan for both rebellions, and therefore we have to fear that hostilities against the district chiefs will also have broken out in Lindi and Mikindani. Therefore I have informed the Admiral by message to Bagamoyo of the events in Kilwa and asked him to send a ship to Lindi and Mikindani to support the employees there, and in case they is impossible to hold on to their stations, to offer them the opportunity to leave.

signed Michahelles

His Excellency Prince von Bismarck

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