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Reichstagsakten 1888/89, 7. Lp., Vol. 121, Attachment 41: Collection of Documents pertaining the Uprising in East Africa, No.29: Directive to the Imperial ambassador in Paris
Berlin, October 23rd 1888

Herewith I send Your Excellency a copy of a decree by the Reich Chancellor, directed at the Imperial ambassador in London on the 21st of this month (1), for your information and with the request to raise the matter mentioned in the second but last paragraph in communication with the French government, in regard to its willingness to take measures against the slave trade. To that effect, Your Excellency may use the contents of the report from Zanzibar of the 23rd of last month (2), according to which our representative in Zanzibar has already contacted his French colleague in order to end the abuse of the French flag by Arab slave traders.
In the communication Your Excellency will have with Monsieur Goblet in the matter, I ask you to emphasize that after the impetus which has been given recently to the slave trade question by French clerics we believe we may count on the cooperation if the French authorities in order to end the atrocities of the gruesome slave hunts in gross violation of humanity.
I reserve to send further instructions as soon as Count Hatzfeldt has sent the answer to the decree attached in copy, and ask you to report as soon as possible on the response your request is given by Mr. Goblet.

signed Count Bismarck
His Excellency the Imperial anbassador
Count zu Muenster

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