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Reichstagsakten 1889/90, 7. Lp., Vol. 127, Attachment 44: Collection of Documents pertaining the Uprising in East Africa, No.6: Report of the Imperial Deputy Commissioner for East Africa
Zanzibar, June 27th 1889
arrived Berlin, Juli 23rd 1889

In representation of the Reich Commissioner, who is in Bagamoyo to make preparations for the attack on Pangani, I most obediently report Your Excellency the following on the end of negotiations in Pangani :
The steamer "Cutch", which had the Wali of Pangani on board, arrived on the 22nd on the roadsted there. At the explicit wish of His Highness the ship sailed under the Sultan's flag, also the boat which was supposed to bring the wali ashore.
Despite these precaution measures, all attempts of the wali and his men to go ashore were obstructed everywhere, by a heavy and well-aimed fire from breechloaders. Letters he sent to the land via fishing boats were without success. So the "Cutch" returned to Bagamoyo the next day. It is to be feared that the letters written to Sultan Sombodja of Massindji also have not reached their addressee.
Under the described circumstances it is impossible to continue negotiations and the Admiral suggests to attack. I have immediately informed Captain Wissmann, and around July 1st everything should be ready for the strike.
Various Arabs known to me declared that they very clearly would recognize resistance as absolutely useless, but that the blacks and the majority of the havenots wanted to fight. One even asked to be allowed to join our expedition, in the hope so to be able to save his house and property. I not only willingly promised this to him, but asked him to spread this view among his countrymen.
In regard to the destruction of trade in Pangani, this threat is, in my opinion, not that important, after a number of Arabs and property owners have taken our side, and the damage will be overshadowed by the impression which will be created everywhere by a conquest of Pangani, which the natives so far have regarded as impregnable.

signed Karl Freiherr von Gravenreuth

His Excellency Prince von Bismarck

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