Dr. Georg Mondwurf
Weserstr. 2e
27572 Bremerhaven


Beratung: Marcus Wegener, B-Trainer des deutschen Schachbundes

PSM Schach 2.0 was developed by Thomas Müller and Georg Mondwurf
and is based on CompWebChess by Felipe Rayel and on WebChess 0.8.3 by Jonathan Evraire.

CompWebChess comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and is published under the GNU GPL.
To read the full GPL license, go to the url http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.html.

Basically, the GPL says you are free to distribute and edit the sourcecode, as long as you keep
the rightful credits intact. Please read the full documents if you have any questions.

PHP: Felipe Rayel, Thomas Müller
Javascript: Felipe Rayel, André Luís Michels Alcântara
C/C++: André Luís Michels Alcântara

Chess Bots
Original Source: Fimbulwinter 5.0 by John Shedletsky
Source Modification: André Luís Michels Alcântara

Martin Knust

Public Chatroom, Avatar, Tournaments, Training, Forum, Annotation
Thomas Müller
Dr. Georg Mondwurf

Rating System and minor patches
Helge Dietert

Help System

English: Victor Hugo Manata Pontes, Felipe Rayel, Nelson Newman
German: Dr. Georg Mondwurf