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Nordisk Familjebok 1876-1899, Meyer 1885-1892

Nordisk Familjebok 1876-1899, Article : Wilson (1893)
Wilson, Daniel, French politician, born in 1840, inherited a large fortune from his father, a rich factory owner who had immigrated from England and had accepted French citizenship. He was elected into the Legislative Body in 1869, where he joined the moderate opposition and voted against Napoleon III.'s declaration of war against Prussia in July 1870. After the end of the war, Wilson on February 8th 1871 was elected member of the National Assembly for the Departement Indre-et-Loire. He first belonged to the Left Center and then to the Republican Left, and made himself known as an industrious and skilled member of the budget committee. In 1876 he was elected by Loches as member of the Chamber of Deputees and reelected in the general elections of 1877, 1881 and 1885, and was undersecretary of state in the ministry of finances 1879-1880. A personal friend of President Grevy, whose only daughter Alice he married in 1881, Wilson by his intrigues much contributed to the fall of the cabinet Gambetta in January 1882. Since, speculations have destroyed the fortune his father had inherited to him, and he used his position as the president's son-in-law to gain money by promising medals, offices and state contracts and other illegalities. When this became public knowledge in 1887, Wilson became the target for severe attacks by the press, and as President Grevy crated obstacles for the accusation of his son-in-law, public opinion in both the press and the Chamber of Deputees turned against the old, blinded president himself, who after obstinate, but fruitless resistance was forced to resign the presidency in December 1887. Bereaved of the protection by the president, Wilson in 1888 was accused and sentenced to a few months imprisonment. Thus his political career was ended. Wilson, now again is a very rich man, since his wife after the death of her father (Sept. 9th 1891) inherited his fortune, estimated at 10 million Francs.
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Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, Article : Wilson
Wilson, Daniel, French politician, born on March 6th 1840 in Paris into a rich Protestant family of English descent, in 1869 was elected as an independent candidate into the Legislative Body, within the latter he belonged to the moderate opposition and on July 15th 1870 voted against war with Germany [!]. In February 1871 chosen member of the National Assembly, here he supported Grevy, first became member of the Left Center, then of the Republican Left. He always belonged to the budget committee. Since 1876 member of the Chamber of Deputees, he became speaker of the budget committee. In the cabinet Ferry on Dec. 29th 1879 he became undersecretary in the ministry of finances, but dismissed upon Gambetta's entry into the cabinet. In 1881 he married the only daughter of President Grevy, Alice, and gained the important position of president of the budget committee. But he entered into speculations at the bourse, which had an unfortunate outcome, and which not only cost him his fortune, but which induced him to use his influence with his father-in-law and with the administration, to formally sell state contracts, medals etc. In 1887 the large-scale sale of medals became publicly known, and Grevy, because he had tolerated the abuse and had not dismissed Wilson, had to resign at the end of 1887. Wilson was arrested and sentenced in February 1888 to two years imprisonment, sharply vituperated by the Court of Appeal, but set free, because he had delivered the promised advantages.
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