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Meyer 1902-1909,

Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1902-1909, Article : Clary und Aldringen
Clary und Aldringen, Austrian noble family .... His younger brother, Count Manfred, born on May 30th 1852 in Vienna, in 1884 entered state service, in 1888 became district chief in Wiener Neustadt, in 1896 president of [Austrian] Silesia, in December 1898 stadholder of Styria. After the resignation of the cabinet Thun in October 1899, Clary took the presidency in the new cabinet and the portfolio of agriculture, lifted Gautsch's language ordinnances and thus won the German participation in Reichsrat debates. He also declared to be willing to use emergency paragraph 14 only in the sense it originally had been intended for. But because of the policy of obstruction by the Czechs, secretly supported by other parties of the right, he was unable to push through the Ausgleich with Hungary and the provisional budget, as the Emperor wished, until January 1st 1900. So he resigned on December 19th and resumed his post as stadholder in Graz.
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