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Meyer 1885-1892, Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926

Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, Article : Elisabeth (5)
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Empress of Austria, born on December 24th 1837, the oldest daughter of Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria, on April 24th 1854 was married to Emperor Franz Joseph I. of Austria, to whom she bore three children. A beautiful, majestic appearance, Elisabeth, namely in Hungary, as the queen of which she was crowned on June 8th 1867, knew how to gain the sympathies of the people, especially of the higher circles. She is a great sport enthusiast and an excellent rider.
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Nordisk Familjebok 1876-1899, Article : Elisabet (1907)
Elisabeth, Amalia Eugenia, Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary, born on December 24th 1837, was the oldest daughter of Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria. She married Emperor Franz Joseph I. on April 24th 1854, to whom she bore two daughters which are still alive (1907), the Archduchesses Gisela and Maria Valeria, and one son, Rudolf, who deceased in 1889 tragic conditions. Especially in Hungary, where she was crowned queen on June 8th 1867, she enjoyed great popularity. In her younger years she was a majestic beauty and intellectually highly talented, interested in natural sciences, well-read in literature (a special admiror of Heine), and known as a daring rider. She was not happy in Vienna and at court, but spent a great part of the year on travels to foreign countries, especially after the tragic death of her son Rudolf increased the melancholy of which she suffered so long. On such a travel abroad she was assassinated in Geneva on September 10th 1898 by the Italian anarchist Luccheni, who was driven by his fanatic hatred of all high-ranking personalities.
See : Clara Tschudi, "Kejsarinnan Elisabeth" (1901).

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