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Meyer 1902-1909,

Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1902-1909, Article : Kielmannsegg
Noble family originally from Holstein. .. Erich, Count Kielmannsegg, son of the former, born on February 13th in Hannover, entered Austrian state service, at first in the Lower Austrian stadholderate, then in the prime ministry, became district commissioner of Baden near Vienna, and in Sechshaus, until 1885 served at the territorial presidency in the Bukovina. From here he moved on to the territorial administration of Carinthia and in 1886 to the ministry of the interior. On October 9th 1889 he was appointed stadholder of Lower Austria. When on June 19th 1895 the coalition cabinet Windisch-Grätz resigned, Kielmannsegg was appointed minister of the interior and charged with the presidency of a provisional cabinet consisting of bureaucrats. But already on October 2nd 1895 he resigned and returned to his post as stadholder of Lower Austria. Kielmannsegg was Austria's first Protestant minister of the interior.
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