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Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926, Meyer 1902-1909,

Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926, Article : Pillersdorf (1915)
Pillersdorf, Franz Xaver von, Freiherr, Austrian statesman, born in 1786 in Brünn, died in 1862, became chancellor of the united state chancellery in 1832, was no friend of Metternich's system of government, and therefore was chosen on March 20th 1848, after the fall of the former, to be minister of the interior, on May 4th that year to be prime minister. He meant well, but was weak, and almost always gave in to the demands of the revolutionary movement. This disregarded, on July 8th he had to step down, when he refused to deprive Prince Windisch-Grätz of the supreme command in Bohemia. His activity as minister and the position he later took during the September Revolt that year, after the victory of the reaction in 1849 was subjected to a disciplinary investigation, and Pillersdorf fell out of grace until just before his death.
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Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1902-1909, Article : Pillersdorf
Pillersdorf, Franz Freiheer von, Austrian statesman, born in 1786 in Brünn, died on February 22nd 1862, studied state science and law in Vienna, began his career as a state official in 1805 in Galicia, in 1807 officially joined the state council in Vienna, worked at the side of state counsillor and later minister of war Baldacci, with him visited France and England, then served in the chamber under Count Philipp Stadion, in 1824 became vice president, in 1842 chancellor of the united chancellery. In 1848 Pillersdorf, whose opposition to the prevalent system was known, was appointed minister of the interior on March 20th, prime minister on May 4th. But the mild, noble man did not develop sufficient energy to put a halt to the movement, the constitution he drafted did not satisfy the indefatigable demands; a decision of burghers, National Guard and students on July 8th caused his fall. Then he was elected member of the Austrian Reichstag on July 18th, where he joined the Liberal Center. After the dissolution [of that parliament] he fell in disfavour and was eliminated from the roll of secret counsillors. Elected into the Austrian Reichsrat in 1861, just prior to his death he was restored in his honours.
He wrote : "Rückblicke auf die politische Bewegung in Österreich 1848 bis 1849" (Wien 1849), against which M(atthias) K(och) published the pamphlet "Pillersdorf und die Wahrheit" (Wien 1849); further : "Die österreichischen Finanzen beleuchtet" (1st?3rd ed., Wien. 1851). His "Handschriftlicher Nachla©¬" was published in Wien 1863. See : von Helfert, "Casati und Pillersdorf und die Anfänge der italienischen Einheitsbewegung" (Wien 1902).

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