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Meyer 1902-1909,

Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1902-1909, Article : Stadion
Old noble family the original castle of which, Küblis in Graubünden, now is a ruin ...
Franz Seraph, Count von Stadion, second son of Count Philipp, born on July 27th 1806, died on June 8th 1853, early joined state servce, distinguished himself as an administrator. In Trieste and Galicia, where in 1846 he took the helm of state administration, he secured himself grateful memory. After the suppression of the Viennese Revolution he joined Schwarzenberg and Bach in the cabinet of November 21st 1848 and represented more liberal views. Already in May 1849 he had to resign for health reasons. He died in the condition of madness.

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