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Nordisk Familjebok 1876-1899, Meyer 1885-1892,

Nordisk Familjebok 1876-1899, Article : Taaffe (1891)
Taaffe, Eduard von, Count, Austrian statesman, born in 1833, raised together with Archduke Franz Joseph. When the latter ascended the Imperial throne, the foundation for Taaffe's career was laid. After he had held several influential offices, on March 7th 1867 he was appointed minister of the interior, and in December of that year minister for defense and police, and in April 1869 to prime minister. He resigned already on January 15th 1870, but rejoined the government already in April that year as minister of the interior and for defense. When the cabinet Potocki fell, on February 7th 1871, Taaffe also resigned and became governor of Tirol and Vorarlberg. When the cabinet Auersperg fell, in February 1879, Taaffe for the third time became minister of the interior, on August 12th that year also prime minister. Strong because of his personal friendship with Emperor Franz Joseph, which lasts since the days of their youth, he has succeeded in holding on to the guidance of Austria's internal affairs for more than a decade. He is moderately conservative, and he has striven most of all for the establishment of a reconciliation between the many nationalities within the Habsburg monarchy, which are jealous of each other. In the Reichstag he leans upon the Slavic and the clerical element, without making allto great concessions to either side. In regard to foreign policy, Taaffe may be regarded less German-friendly than Count Kalnoky, who is Austria's minister of foreign affairs since 1881.
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Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, Article : Taaffe
Taaffe, Count Eduard, Austrian statesman, born on February 24th 1833 in Prague, of an Irish family, son of the minister of 1848, then president of the supreme court, Count Ludwig Patrick Taaffe (born December 23rd 1791, died on December 21st 1855), was raised together with the present Emperor, joined state service in 1857 and quickly rose in the hierarchy of state officials. In 1861 still a governor's secretary, at the end of 1861 Taaffe became governor's counselor and president of the Prague circle administration. In April 1863 he became chief in the Duchy of Salzburg, in January 1867 governor of Upper Austria. In March of that year, after the fall of Belcredi, he wasa appointed minister of the interior. Already from 1865 to 1866 Taaffe had been a member of the Landtag [diet] of Bohemia; at that time he was loyal to the constitutional party. At the end of March 1867 the representatives of Bohemia's estate owners elected him as their representative in the Landtag, and in April he became member of the Reichsrat. When a parliamentary cabinet was to be formed for the lands on this side of the Leitha in December 1867, Taaffe became mninister of defense and public security, as well as deputy prime minister to Carlos Auersperg. When the latter retired in the fall of 1869, Taaffe sered as prime minister until January 15th 1870. From April 12th 1870 to February 7th 1871 he again was minister of the interior, and afterward was appointed governor of Tirol. After the resignation of the cabinet Auersperg Taaffe in February 1879 was appointed minister of the interior, on August 12th prime minister, and on December 5th he described the "reconciliation of the nationalities" as his goal. After his attempt to form a party of the center had failed, he leant entirely on the Ultramontanes, Poles and Czechs. While he managed to hold on to his office, ministers occasionally changed, but he had to make important concessions to his supporters in the language question, in material matters and in the question of primary education, with which he embittered the Liberal Germans, without satisfying the Slavic claims.
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DOCUMENTS Article Eduard Franz Joseph Count von Taaffe 11th Viscount and Baron of Ballymore, from EB 1911
Article Taaffe, from Meyers Grosses Konversationslexikon 1902-1909, in German, posted by Zeno
Article Taaffe (1919), from Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926, in Swedish, posted by Project Runeberg
Article Taaffe, from Salmonsens Konversationsleksikon 1915-1930, in Danish, posted by Project Runeberg

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