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Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926, Meyer 1902-1909,

Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926, Article : Wessenberg (1921)
His older brother Johann Philipp Freiherr von Wessenberg-Amspringen (born in 1773, died in 1858) in the first two decades of the 19th century held several important positions in Austria's diplomacy. From 1830 to 1831 he was envoy in Den Haag, and from July to November 1848 prime minister and minister of foreign affairs.
See : Se L. K. Goetz, "Wessenbergs Reformgrundsätze" etc. (in "Deutscher Merkur", 1908)

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Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1902-1909, Article : Wessenberg
Wessenberg-Amspringen, Johann Philipp Freiherr von, Austrian statesman, born on November 28th 1773 in Dresden, where his father Philipp Karl Freiherr von Wessenberg-Amspringen served as Austrian envoy, died on August 1st 1858 in Freiburg im Breisgau, studied in Freiburg and in Strassburg, in 1787 entered Austrian state service, in 1803 became minister resident in Frankfurt, in 1808 ambassador in Berlin, in 1811 ambassador in München. He concluded the Austro-British alliance in 1813 and greatly contributed to bringing about the first and second Peace of Paris and to the negotiations of the Vienna Congress and in the central court commission to organize the provinces newly acquired by Austria. Rejecting Metternich's system, he withdrew to private life and only in 1830-1831 he served as ambassador at the court of the Netherlands, in which function he participated in the London Conferences aiming to solve the Holland [!] - Belgium Troubles. In May 1848 called to Vienna, in July he took the presidency in the cabinet with the portfolio of foreign affairs and the ministry of the Imperial House. After the October Revolution Wessenberg-Amspringen accompanied the Emperor to Olmütz, but already on November 21st he laid down his office and returned to private life.
See : "Briefe von Johann Philipp von Wessenberg aus den Jahren 1848?58 an Issordink-Kostnitz, österreichischen Legationsrat" (Leipzig 1877, 2 vols.); A. v. Arneth, Johann Freiherr von Wessenberg (Wien 1898, 2 vols.); "Gentz und Wessenberg, Briefe des erstern an den zweiten", published by Fournier (Wien 1907).

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