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Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926, Meyer 1902-1909,

Nordisk Familjebok 1904-1926, Article : Windisch-Grätz (1921)
Windisch-Grätz, Alfred Prince von, grandson of the former, politician, born on October 31st 1851 in Prague, in 1876 became hereditary member of the House of Lords, president of the latter in 1897. In 1883 he became member of the Bohemian diet and of the Imperial court. After Taaffe, on November 11th 1893, he formed a coalition cabinet (German Left, Hohenwart Club and the Poles), but resigned with his entire cabinet on June 18th 1895 (when the coalition dissolved), before he had fulfilled his main goal, the reform of the election mode for the Chamber of Deputees.
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Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1902-1909, Article : Windisch-Grätz
Windisch-Grätz, Alfred zu, Austrian statesman, nephew of the former and grandson of the field marshall, born on October 31st 1851 in Prague, studied law in Bonn and Prague, in 1876 followed his cousin as hereditary member of the House of Lords, where he joined the Conservative Party, as he did in the Bohemian diet, where he was sent by the estate owners. In 1890 he supported the German-Bohemian Ausgleich and stood to it even when a large part of his fellow nobles in the Bohemian diet had dropped it. In 1892 he became vice president of the House of Lords, and in the following year, on November 11th 1893, after the fall of Count Taaffe, he became president of the coalition cabinet (see Austria p.203). When the parliamentary coalition (Poles, Conservatives and United Left) dissolved because of the foundation of a Slovenian gymnasium in the German city of Cilly, Windisch-Grätz on June 18th 1895 resigned, and the day after so did his entire cabinet. In 1897 he was appointed president of the House of Lords.
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