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Meyer 1902-1909,

Meyer's Konversationslexikon 1902-1909, Article Wittek
Wittek, Heinrich, Ritter von, Austrian minister of railroads, born on January 29th 1844 in Vienna, finished his juridical studies there, after short service in the financial administration in 1868 was employed in the ministry of trade, in 1880 was promoted to ministerial counselor, in 1886 to section chief, in 1895 minister of trade in the cabinet Kielmannsegg, from 1897 to 1905 minister of railroads. He resigned because of enormously exceeded credits in railroad constructions of the later years. From December 1899 to January 20th 1900 he served as president of the Council of Ministers, and issued a number of so-called Paragraph 14 decrees. In August 1905 he was called into the House of Lords, but elected into the Chamber of Deputees in June 1907 as a Christian Social candidate.
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