First posted on October 6th 2001, last revised on October 23rd 2003

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Dutch Soldiers Fighting in the Korean War, by Elie van Schilt, NDVN veteran

The Bombardment of Rotterdam, May 14 1940, images provided by Thomas van Hoey Smith

For "Deutscher Kolonialatlas 1913", formerly posted here, click psm-data, Primary Sources on German Imperialism, scroll down for Colonial Atlasses 1905-1918, in German and in English translation

Henry Wellington Wack, The Story of the Congo Free State, NY 1905
J. Roland, E. Duchesne, Complete Course of Geography : The Belgian Congo, Namur 1914

South and East African Year Book and Guide, 26th edition, 1920 (selected texts)

Regesta Gotlandica

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