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until 1200

No.1 686

From Annales Minorum Wisbyenses : The Langobards left Denmark (Dacia); the larger part of them were Jutes. Famine was so severe, that they called on themselves to do so, as did the Hunos of Sweden (Swecia). At that time Snyo was elected King of Denmark, by force. First they went to Gotland, then to Rügen, where they left the ships behind; then they proceeded to Italy, where their land is called Lombardy.

Printed : SRD Vol.I p.252; compare MGH SS Vol.29 p.59 (excerpt from Saxo, more detailed, undated)

No.2 856

From Chronica Albrici Monachi trium fontium, a monacho novi monasterii Hoiense interpolata : Ethewulfus, King of the Angles, died. In the Chronicle of the Angles his lineage is followed back to Adam. Among his ancestors were also, Beldegio who has been King of the West Saxons and the Northumberlanders, of Withlegio Kings of the Mercians, of Weldegio of the Kentians. These three were sons of Odin (Woden), who is also called Mercurius and who inhabits the island of Gotland (Gothlandia insula), which is located in the center of that mediterranean sea, which, located between Denmark and Poland, extends to the east; on that island also divine responses are given.

Printed : MGH SS Vol.23 p.737

No.3 Late 9th Century

From Wulfstan's Travelogue : Wendland was on starboard, Langeland on larboard, also Lolland and Falster and Scania, and all these lands belonged to Denmark. And then Burgundaland (Bornholm) was on larboard, where they have a king of their own. After Burgundaland, the lands named Blekinge, Moere and Öland, and Gotland, were on larboard; and these lands belonged to Sweon (Sweden).

Printed : SRP Vol.I p.732; Swedish translation : Sandred 1983

No.4 c. 995

From Olav Tryggvesson's Saga : When Olav Tryggvesson assumed the rule over Norway, Jarl Erik Hakonsson fled the country. He first went to Gotland, where he looked out for merchant ships and viking ships approaching the island. He raided the coastal regions of the island.

Swedish translation : Olsson 1983

No.5 late 10th century

From Olav Tryggvesson's Saga : Norwegian King Olav Tryggvesson undertook an expedition to Gotland, where he took a merchant ship and where he successfully pillaged parts of the island.

Swedish translation : Olsson 1983

No.6 c. 1000

From Gutasaga : The Gotlanders placed themselves under the protection of the King of Sweden and agreed to pay an annual tribute..

Printed : ST Vol.1 No.19

No.7 early 11th century

From Olav den Hellige's Saga : King Olav den Hellige (1015-1030) visited the island and converted a native by the name of Ormika to christianity..

Swedish translation : Olsson 1983

No.8 1023

Prince Yaroslav of Novgorod gives an order concerning the bridge crossing the Volkhov River. The Goths and Varangians are mentioned.

Manuscript Regest : LA Visby AS Vol. 91:5 (Lindstroem), referring to Karamsin Hist.

No.9 1040

Great pestilence. Establishment of the churches of Sionem and Habden.

Printed : Strelow p.140

No.10 1046

Establishment of the churches of Dalhem, Klinte, Hambre and St. Lars in Visby.

Printed : Strelow p.140

No.11 1049

Establishment of the church in Eschelem.

Printed : Strelow p.139

No.12 1050

Establishment of the churches in Hablingbo, Ellinghiem and Wette.

Printed : Strelow p.140

No.13 1052

Establishment of the churches at Gothem, Follingbo, Gammelgaarn, Rude.

Print : Strelow p.140

No.14 1058

Construction of the churches in Venge, Sande, Lefvede, Lye, Ballingbo.

Print : Strelow p.140

No.15 1072

Establishment of the churches in Vamlingbo and Ale.

Printed : Strelow p.139

No.16 1086

According to Strelow, Gotland suffered from an epidemic, to which half the population of the island fell victim.

Printed : Strelow p.139

No.17 1086

Establishment of the churches of St. Drotten (St. Dorothy, Visby), Ledebro, Öyde, Alfue, Garde, Othem, Romme.

Printed : Strelow, p.140

No.18 1090

Construction of the churches in Grötlingbo, Heide, Ronne, Veskinde, St. Michael.

Printed : Strelow, p.140

No.19 1091

Construction of the churches of Bare and Valfrede.

Printed : Strelow p.140

No.20 1096

Establishment of the churches in Hörssnis, Burs and Folle.

Printed : Strelow p.139

No.21 1097

King Erik Ejegod of Norway had the church of St. Olav in Visby erected. St. Nicolai (Visby) was constructed the same year. It was a good time on Gotland; a bushel of corn cost one Gutic oere in pennies, 12 of which made one Danish shilling.

Printed : Strelow, p.140f

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