Henry Wellington Wack
The Story of the Congo Free State
New York & London : Putnam 1905

The Treaty of Manyanga, August 12th, 1882 (pp.488-489)

During the palabre held in Manyanga the 12th of August 1882, it is agreed between the members hereinafter designated of the Expedition of the Upper Congo :
... Dr. Edward Pechuel Loesche, chief of the Expedition ;
... Capt. Edmund Hanssens, chief of the division of Leopold-Manyanga ;
... Lieut. Arthur Niles, chief of Manyanga ;
... First Lieut. Orban, deputy chief of Manyanga ;
... Edward Ceris, assistant of Pechuel, representing the Comite of the Upper Congo ;
and the chiefs hereafter named of Manyanga -
... Makito, of Kintamba;
... Nkosi, of Kintamba;
... Filankuni, of Kintamba;
... Maluka, of Kintamba;
... Kuakula, of Kintamba;
... Mankatula, of Kintamba-Kimbuku;
... Luamba, of Kintamba;
in the name of their subjects.

Article I. - Hereafter the territory of Manyanga, heretofore belonging to the chiefs before cited, situated north and south of the river, and bounded on the west by the stream Luseto, and by the stream Msua Mungua on the east, shall be the sole property of the Comite d'Etudes of the Upper Congo.

Article II. - The chiefs and their subjects, their villages, their plantations, their domestic animals, and fishing apparatus shall be placed under the protection of the Expedition.

Article III. - In all political affairs of the populations of the district protected and acquired, their quarrels, differences, elections of chiefs, shall be submitted to the decision of the member of the Expedition who shall be present at the station.
If the people of Manyanga shall be attacked by neighbouring tribes, the Expedition shall defend their women and children and their property by all means in their power. If the Expedition shall be attacked by another tribe, the men shall be bound to defend the station.

Article IV. - In consequence of the rights acquired and protection afforded, no stranger whatsoever can build or open a road or carry on commerce in the territory of Manyanga.

Article V. - At the request of the chief of the station, the chief of the district shall put at his disposition the necessary number of labourers, men or women, for the work of the station and the service of the caravans.

Article VI. - Besides the sum stipulated, which has been remitted in goods to the assembled chiefs in payment for their territories, and for which they have given a receipt, the chiefs shall receive monthly presents on condition that they remain true friends and voluntarily perform the services asked of them.

Article VII. - The first chief of Manyanga, Makito, residing at Kintamba, receives the flag of the Expedition, which he will raise in his village in sign of the protection exercised by the Expedition.
( Here follow the crosses and signatures ).

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