Henry Wellington Wack
The Story of the Congo Free State
New York & London : Putnam 1905

Declaration of the General Act of the Brussels Conference, July 2, 1890 (pp.552-553)

The Powers assembled in Conference at Brussels, who have ratified the General Act of Berlin on the 26th of February, 1885, or who have acceded thereto,
After having drawn up and signed in concert, in the General Act of this day, a collection of measures intended to put an end to the Negro Slave Trade by land as well as by sea, and to improve the moral and material conditions of existence of the native races;
Taking into consideration that the execution of the provisions which they have adopted with this object imposes on some of them who have possessions or Protectorates in the conventional basin of the Congo obligations which absolutely demand new resources to meet them;
Have agreed to make the following Declaration : -
The Signatory or adhering Powers who have possessions or Protectorates in the said conventional basin of the Congo are authorised, so far as they require any authority for the purpose, to establish therein duties upon imported goods, the scale of which shall not exceed a rate equivalent to 10 per cent "ad valorem" at the port of entry, always excepting spirituous liquors, which are regulated by the provisions of chapter VI. of the General Act of this day.
After the signature of the said General Act, negotiations shall be opened between the Powers who have ratified the General Act of Berlin or who have adhered to it, in order to draw up, within the maximum limit of 10 per cent "ad valorem" the conditions of the Customs system to be established in the conventional basin of the Congo.
Nevertheless it is understood : -
1.) That no differential treatment or transit duty shall be established;
2.) That in applyingthe Customs system which may be agreed upon, each Power will undertake to simplify formalities as much as possible, and to facilitate trade operations;
3.) That the arrangement resulting from the proposed negotiations shall remain in force for fifteen years from the signature of the present Declaration.
At the expiration of this period, and failing a fresh Agreement, the Contracting Powers shall return to the conditions provided for by Article IV. of the General Act of Berlin, retaining the power of imported into the conventional basin of the Congo.
The ratifications of the present Declaration shall be exchanged at the same time as those of the General Act of this day.
In witness whereof the undersigned Plenipotentiaries have drawn up the present Declaration, and have affixed thereto their seals.
Done at Brussels, the 2nd day on the month of July, 1890.
[L.S.] Vivian, John Kirk, Alvensleben, Goehring, R. Khevenhueller, Lambermont, E. Banning, Schack de Brockdorff, J.G. de Aguera, Edm. van Eetvelde, A. van Malgeghem, A. Bouree, G. Cogordan, F. de Renzis, T. Catalani, L. Gericke, Henrique de Macedo, Pereiro Coutinho, L. Ouroussoff, Martens, Burenstam, Et. Caratheodory.

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