Henry Wellington Wack
The Story of the Congo Free State
New York & London : Putnam 1905

Institution of a Commission for the Protection of Natives, 18th September, 1896 (pp.562-563)

Leopold II., King of the Belgians, Sovereign of the Independent State of the Congo, to all present and to come, greeting :
On the motion of our Secretary of State,
We have decreed and do hereby decree :
A permanent Commission is instituted to watch over the protection of the natives throughout the territories of the State.
The members of this commission are nominated by the King-Sovereign for a period of two years from among the representatives of philanthropic and religious Associations.
Are named in the first instance :
Mgr. van Ronsle, Bishop of Thymbrium, Vicar Apostolic of the Congo Independent State, President
Father van Hencxthoven, J., Superior of the Jesuit Mission at Leopoldville;
Father de Cleene, of the Congregation of Scheut ;
William Holman Bentley, of the Baptist Missionary Society Corporation;
Dr. A. Sims, of the American Baptist Missionary Union;
George Grenfell, of the Baptist Missionary Society Corporation, Secretary;
The members of the Commission are to inform the Judicial authorities of any acts of violence of which the natives may be the victims.
Each of the members, individually, may exercise this right of protection, and communicate directly with the Governor-General.
The Commission shall further indicate to the Government the measures to be taken to prevent slave-trading, to render more effective the prohibition or restriction of the trade in spirituous liquors, and gradually to bring about the abolition of barbarous customs, such as cannibalism, human sacrifices, ordeal by poison, etc.
Our Secretary of State is charged with the execution of the present Decree.
Done at Brussels, the 18th September, 1896.
.................... .................... .................... ................... (signed) Leopold
By the King Sovereign : the Secretary of the State (signed) Edm. van Eetvelde

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