United Arab Emirates
First posted on January 10th 2004, last revised on February 15th 2005

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QATAR, 1820-1968

External Online Map : Ottoman Empire, 16th, 17th century (Roolvink), posted by UPenn
External Online Map : The Middle East in the 19th Century (scan : Roolvink), posted by UPenn, Islamic Studies
External Online Map : Arabia 1905-1923, from Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age, by Joaquin de Salas Vara de Rey
External Online Map : La Turquie et le Moyen Orient en 1925, from Atlas Historique, in French
External Online Map : Carsten Niebuhr 1765, Persian Gulf, from British Empire Map Room, has no Qatar peninsula
External Online Map : Dutch Map 1660, Persian Gulf, from British Empire Map Room, has no qatar peninsula

QATAR 1971-1981


External Online Map : Administrative Divisions, from World Gazetteer, from SESRTCIC, from PCL, UTexas (Atlas of the Middle East)
External Online Map : Qatar, Physical, from Mideast Web (Atlas of the Orient)
Qatar Road Map, from Lonely Planet

DOCUMENTS CIA World Factbook, Qatar
Qatar Maps, from PCL, UTexas
Maps of Qatar, links from Embassy World
Maps of Qatar, from Relief Web
Maps of the Arab World, from arabji.com, scroll down for Qatar
Qatar Maps, from Arab Gateway
Historical Maps of the Levant, from Arab Gateway, links
Middle East Maps, from Library of Congress Map Collection
Qatar Maps, from SESRTCIC
External Online Maps : The Persian (Arabian) Gulf, from Sandafayre Stamp Atlas
External Online Maps : Persian Gulf Maps, from Persian Gulf Online
The British Empire Map Room : Qatar Page
Municipalities of Qatar, from statoids.com
Oddens Bookmarks : Qatar, posted by Univ. Utrecht

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