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External Online Map : Map of the Boundary between Silesia and Poland to illustrate the Treaty between Prussia and Russia 1835, from The Map of Europe by Treaty 1814-1875 (Hertslet), posted by

External Online Maps : Poland in 1864, Poland, Regions in 1864, Europe in 1864, from Ancestry - the Polish Connection
External Online Map : Russia in Europe (Milner 1850), posted by

External Online Maps : Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia Atlas, 1902 Polish Provinces of the Russian Empire, scan posted by FEEFHS
External Online Map : Europe 1900, from euratlas
External Online Map : Europe in 1900, from Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century, by Matthew White
External Online Maps : Poland, 1887/1911, from The 1900 European Atlas, posted by Discus Media
External Online Maps : Poland (Stieler 1891), posted by

External Online Map : Europe in 1914, from Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century, by Matthew White

Poland Maps, posted by Gary T. Horlacher, a bit sketchy, have administrative units
Global Gazetteer : Poland (Modern Placenames), from Maps Library, from The Polish Connection, collection of links
Poland Pages, from Historical Atlas of Areas Afflicted by Ethnic Conflicts and Border Disputes
Histocal maps of Poland, posted by Thomas Griesbacher, scroll down for the Poland Maps
Links to historical online maps of Poland, posted by at Herder Institut, Marburg; in German
REFERENCE Wladyslaw Czaplinski and Tadeusz Ladogorski, Historical Atlas of Poland, Wroclaw (1967) 1986
Westermann, Grosser Atlas zur Weltgeschichte, Braunschweig (1956) 1982
Zentralinstitut fuer Geschichte der Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Atlas zur Geschichte, 2 volumes, Gotha : Haack 1973, 1975

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