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First posted on January 11th 2004, last revised on January 2nd 2006

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click here for maps on the history of British India 1780-1947
click here for maps on the history of Pakistan


External Online Maps : Regional Maps, Bengal Presidency, 1893/1924, Bengal Area Map 1893, Assam & Chittagong Area Map 1893, posted by Ian Poyntz (Historical Maps of India)
Eastern Bengal with Assam 1909, Environs of Calcutta 1909, Calcutta 1909, from Imperial Gazetteer of India 1909, posted by Digital South Asia Library
External Online Map : India 1934-1947, from Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age
PAKISTAN 1948-1971

Textfiles : East Pakistan, 1947-1971


Textfiles : Bangla Desh since 1971

External Online Map : Administrative Divisions, from World Gazetteer, from SESRTCIC, from Bangladesh Govt.

DOCUMENTS CIA World Factbook, Bangladesh
Bangladesh Maps, from PCL, UTexas
Maps of Bangladesh, links from Embassy World
Maps of Bangladesh, from Relief Web
Bangladesh Maps, from SESRTCIC
External Online Maps : India & Burma 1852-1942, from Sandafayre Stamp Atlas
The British Empire Map Room : India Page
Maps of Bangladesh, from Bangladesh Govt.
Historical Maps of India, posted by Ian Poyntz
Imperial Gazetteer of India Maps (1909), from Digital South Asia Library
Map India in 1785 (Gardiner 1892), from
Maps of Early Modern India (Mughal; Brit. Exp.), from The Making of Modern India
Historic Maps, from Free India
Political Maps of Bharat, from Naren & Deepali's Page
Historical Maps of India, from India Info Centre
Historical and Political Maps of India, from Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age by Joaquin de Salas Vara de Rey
Historical Maps of Asia, from Alabama Maps
Maps of Burma, from Northern Illinois Univ. Library, Map Collection
Historical Maps of Asia, from PCL, UTexas, scroll down for India
Cooch Behar Webpage, click "district map"
Maps of India, from South Asia Resources at Univ. of Virginia
Library of Congress, Bangladesh Maps
Divisions of Bangladesh, from
Oddens Bookmarks : Bangladesh, posted by Univ. Utrecht

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