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First posted on February 6th 2004, lasst revised on February 26th 2005

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Textfiles : History of Malaya
Historical Atlas : Malaya Page

MALAYSIA 1963-1965

Textfiles : Malaya 1957-1965

External Online Map :

Textfiles : Malaysia since 1965

External Online Map : Administrative Divisions 1998, from PCL, UTexas; from World Gazetteer

Textfiles : Malaysia since 1965

External Online Maps : Asean Map, from ASEAN Secretariat

DOCUMENTS CIA World Factbook : Malaysia
Malaysia Maps, from PCL, UTexas
Map Malaysia, from ABC Malaysia, has maps of every state
Map of the Straits of Malacca, from MASDEC
Languages of Malaysia, from Ethnologue
Maps of Malaysia, from Relief Web
Malaysia Maps, maps of individual states
Malaysia, from the 4 Million City Atlas, zoomable maps of 20 cities
Provinces of Malaysia, from
International Boundary Studies, posted at Florida State Univ.; scroll down to No.45 (Indonesia-Mlaysia : Borneo), study, 2 maps; scroll down to No.57 (Malaysia-Thailand), study, 1 map
REFERENCE Description of Jan M. Pluvier's Historical Atlas of South East Asia

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