Franco-Burgundian War, 1472-1473

The War of the Ligue du Bien Public 1465 had been fought, on the side of the Burgundians, in part, to ensure a fief for Charles, the brother of French King Louis XI. After he briefly held the Duchy of Normandy and was assigned the Duchy of Champagne (with Brie), he finally was enfiefed with the Duchy of Guyenne. Duke Charles of Guyenne was betrothed to Mary of Burgundy, the only daughter of Duke Charles the Bold of Burgundy.
In May 1472, Duke Charles died suddenly, of natural causes (there were rumours of him being poisoned). Duke Charles invaded Vermandois, took the city of Nesle, the population of which was massacred, and laid siege to the city of Beauvais; the latter, despite of a small garrison of only 300 men, held out. Burgundy was allied with Aragon, Naples and England; her allies, however, remained inactive. Early in 1473 Burgundy and France signed a truce.

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