Franco-Breton War, 1487-1488

The Duchy of Bretagne (or Brittany, as it is sometimes refered to in English language texts), in the 15th century, was practically an independent state. Charlemagne had attempted to reduce her to a vassall, and French kings had tried the same. In the 15th century the Duchy of Bretagne had experienced her 'Golden Age'.
In 1487 a French army entered the Bretagne, in support of the Duke's opponents; they were defeated near Nantes. Ducal troops in turn were defeated on July 28th 1488 at St. Aubin du Cormier. The French then laid siege to the city of Rennes. Duke François II. had to sign the Treaty of Le Verger ("the Orchard Treaty), according to which his daughter and heir Anne could only marry with the approval of the King of France. For the events following immediately, see Bretagne 1488-1491.

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