War of Castilian Succession, 1474-1479

On Dec. 12th 1474, King Henrique IV. of Castile died. He left behind a daughter, Juana, nicknamed 'la Beltraneja', born 1462, and a half-sister, Isabel, born 1451.
The Castilian nobility split in two factions, one supporting Isabel (proclaimed Queen Dec. 13th 1474), the other Juana. Soon Aragon supported Isabel, Portugal and France (King Louis XI.) Juana. In 1476, King Afonso V. of Portugal was defeated in the Battle of Toro; because King Afonso was preoccupied with the war in Castile, Portugal between 1475 and 1477 was ruled by his son Joao (later King Joao II.). In 1479 the forces supporting Isabel, lead by Ferdinand of Aragon, emerged victorious, and Isabel was recognized as the sole Queen of Castile (Treaty of Alcaçovas, Sept. 1479)..

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