Ceuta 1415

On July 15th 1415, a Portuguese expedition commanded by King Joao I. left Lisbon; on August 22nd, after mere two days of fighting, they took the city of Ceuta on the northern coast of Morocco. King Joao I. (John I.) added "Lord of Ceuta" to his titles.
Among the participants was Infant Henrique, better known as Henry the Navigator. Moorish prisoners revealed to the Portuguese that the Moroccans were involved in a very lucrative Trans-Saharan trade, in which they obtained salt for gold. Dom Henrique, determined to establish trade with the Africans who traded gold for salt to the Moors, was to establish the Navigator school at Sagres in Portugal.

Conquest of Ceuta, from Battles of Portugal
The Capture of Ceuta by the Portuguese, from De Re Militari
Ceuta 1415, from Historiske Slag, in Danish
DOCUMENTS Images of Ceuta, from Travel Images

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