Kempten : Peasant Rebellion, 1491-1492

In 1491, Princeabbot of Kempten strove to reduce the entire peasant population of his territory to the status of serfs. On November 11th 1491 (a significant day for peasants, as they had to pay part of their annual dues), 60 peasants conspired to take up arms and to resist the Princeabbot. The peasants, lead by Jörg Hug, appealed to the Swabian League; latter in 1492 sent in troops in support of the abbot, and the peasants were defeated.

Tor Førde, Den Tyske Middelalderkommunene (the German medieval (peasant) communities), in Danish
Geschichte, from Gemeinde Untrasried, in German
DOCUMENTS List of Abbots of Kempten, from Regnal Chronologies

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First posted on April 2nd 2004, last revised on November 17th 2004

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