Münster Stift Feud, 1450-1457

In 1450 the Princebishop of Münster, Heinrich II. von Moers, died. The majority of the Münster Cathedral Chapter elected his brother, Walram von Moers (another brother of the Prince-Archbishop of Cologne, Dietrich von Moers), bishop of Münster. However, a minority within the Münster Cathedral Chapter stubbornly rejected Walram and supported Erich von Hoya as candidate for the episcopal see. The city of Münster supported Erich von Hoya, and the two parties fought in out.
None of the two candidates (both of whom regarded themselves duly elected) gained papal recognition. Princebishop Walram failed to take the city of Münster. The struggle for Münster was costly, it ruined the finances of the Princebishopric of Cologne. Princebishop Walram died in 1456; the feud was ended when both camps agreed to accept a princebishop appointed by the pope (Treaty of Kranenburg, October 23rd 1457; the treaty was mediated by Nicholas of Cusa); he selected Johann II. von Pfalz-Simmern.

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