Princebishopric Würzburg : Peasant Rebellion planned by the Piper of Niklashausen, 1476

In the tradition of the late medieval Mystics, on March 24th 1476 Hans Boeheim (Behem, Böhm) claimed to have had a vision of the Virgin Mary, who charged him with calling upon people to give up sinful life and do penance, by doing pilgrimage to the altar of St. Mary at Niklashausen - where he held weekly sermons. He attracted tenthousands of followers, from the Main valley, some from as far as the Rhine, Swabia and Bavaria. He prophecied a judgment upon clergy, nobility and the princes. After having preached to large crowds for several months, he called upon his followers to arm themselves and come without wives, children and old folk the next week; Böhm - the Piper of Niklashausen - secretly had prepared an armed revolt.
The authorities, however, had been informed; Hans Böhm was arrested and incarcerated by men answering to Princebishop Rudolf. When c. 34,000 armed peasants assembled at the appointed day, they were without their charismatic leader. Many returned home; a force of c. 16,000, lead by Knight Kunz (Konrad) von Thunfeld, marched upon the city of Würzburg, demanding the release of Hans Böhm. After having been given (false) promises, they agreed to withdraw and disband. This being in process, they were attacked by the bishop's men, the leaders arrested and, together with Hans Böhm (who had recanted his prophecies and visions), tortured and executed.
The event is regarded a predecessor of the German Peasants War 1524-1526.

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