Riga Feud, 1478

In 1478, a feud erupted between Silvester (Sylvester) Stodewescher, Archbishop of Riga, and the Teutonic Order, over the disputed sovereignty over the city of Riga. The Axelsson Tott brothers, as in 1472-1475, supported the enemies of the Teutonic Order. They sent a force of 200 men in support of the Archbishop. In the winter of 1478, the Swedish force surrendered under the promise of unhindered retreat. Archbishop Silvester was deposed and imprisoned. Archbishop Silvester died in 1479; his successor, Archbishop-elect Stefan Grube, found himself in a continued conflict with the Order (see Riga Feud 1483-1486).

Andra tåget mot Livland 1478 (Second campaign against Livonia, 1478), from Svenskt Militärhistoriskt Bibliotek, in Swedish
Söhne des heimischen Landadels als Schützer des Ordensstaates in Livland (Sons of the local (Bochum area) nobility as protectors of the State of the Order in Livonia), by Karl Brinkmann, in German
DOCUMENTS Coins minted by Archbishop of Riga Silvester Stodewescher, from The Coinage of the Baltic Countries
List of Archbishops of Riga, from Historia.lv, in Latvian

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