Riga Feud, 1483-1486

The arrest and incarceration of Prince-Archbishop of Riga Sylvester Stodewescher by a force of the Livonian Order in 1478 (see Riga Feud 1478 did not terminate the conflict between Prince-Archbishops of Riga and the Livonian Order over sovereignty over the city of Riga.
In 1483, Prince-Archbishop-Elect Stefan Gruber wrote a letter to Superintendent of the Swedish Realm, Sten Sture the Elder, requesting help in his conflict. Sten Sture in a letter to the city council of Reval appealed to the letter to join Sweden in supporting the Prince-Archbishop-Elect of Riga.
In 1485, Prince-Archbishop-Elect Stefan Gruber died; Pope Innocent VIII. appointed Michael Hildebrand as his successor, a known supporter of the Livonian Order. His appointment was resented by the Cathedral Chapter of Riga and the inhabitants of the city. A Swedish force commanded by Erik Nilsson Gyllenstjerna landed in Riga in order to support the city council; the invasion of another Swedish force lead by Knut Posse and Ivar Axelsson Tott, from Finland, was planned. However, negotiations for a truce began before this enterprise was launched; in May 1486 Archbishop Hildebrand of Riga and the city concluded peace..

Tredje töget mot Livland 1485-1486 (Third campaign against Livonia, 1478), from Svenskt Militärhistoriskt Bibliotek, in Swedish
DOCUMENTS List of Archbishops of Riga, from Historia.lv, in Latvian

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