Danish-Swedish War, 1497

The Kalmar Union, which united the Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden under one king (residing in Copenhagen), since the Battle of Brunkeberg 1471 was, as far as Sweden was concerned, dissolved, while the Kings of Denmark continued to uphold their claim over Sweden.
In 1493, King Hans of Denmark-Norway (and claiming the Swedish crown) signed a treaty of alliance with Russia, directed against Sweden. When attacked by the Russians in 1495, the Swedish forces prevailed in the Swedish Russian War 1495-1497.
During the war with Russia, an opposition, lead by Arvid Trolle and by Archbishop of Uppsala Jakob Ulfsson Örnefot, formed among Sweden's nobility against Sten Sture the Elder, superintendent of the realm. After peace was concluded with Russia in 1497, the Swedish Council of the Realm declared Sten Sture the Elder to be deposed. A brief civil war ensued, which was terminated by a truce.
King Hans of Denmark-Norway used the opportunity to restore the Kalmar Union and invaded. There was no organized resistance; the invading forces suppressed peasants resistance, put up by the Dalecarlians. Sten Sture the Elder stepped down and recognized hans as King of Sweden; the Kalmar Union briefly was restored.

Chronology of Sweden 1400-1499, posted by Ken Polsson
Avsättningskriget mot Sten Sture den äldre 1497 (Deposition war against Sten Sture the Elder, 1497), from Svenskt Militärhistoriskt Bibliotek, in Swedish
Dagtingan i Stockholm 1497, from Svenskt Militärhistoriskt Bibliotek, in Swedish

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